We made it onto second place at the surfworldcupaut as team westcoastkiters last week! ūü§ė
The kite competition was held as a team contest consisting of four riders per each team. (One per category Men Twin Tip, one per Women Twin Tip, one Men Strepless, one Foil). The overall score was calculated by all categories‘ rider results.
Hardly ever have I experienced such a nice bunch of competitors. Really chilled atmosphere and such good team work, not only within the teams but overal everybody was helping out everybody. Which was not only important because of the -well, let’s call it pretty challenging- conditions, but especially showed the true spirit of what we are doing. ūü§ô
I had an amazing time, so much fun, perfect parties: Thanks for taking good care. You guys behind surfworldcupaut rock! ūüĒ•
Thank you for the opportunity again westcoastkiters! ūüôŹ
ūüďł credits to martin.reiter.376

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thanks to:
dr. thomas hopferwieser