River Haus Bar and Grill

River Haus Bar & Grill

What could be better than bringing an action-packed day to a close with a BBQ? In the River Haus Bar & Grill which seats 180, you can enjoy the pleasures of local and international barbecued foods, fresh from the grill. Choose from steak in all kind of variation, grilled vegetables and shrimps, delicious Chili con Carne, baked potatoes with chicken, a mixed grill platter, fish (on certain days), starters from all over the worls und salads - garnished with a big portion of energy and joie de vivre.

Culinary meeting point for guests in AREA 47 and locals too

Of course you can find a beer at the River Haus which perfectly goes along with the delicious meat and vegetarian meals - there are a variety of beers to choose from. Or how about a glass of red wine which has a deep red passion and fire? Tip: The River Haus Bar & Grill is open to all guests, even those who don't avail of the sporting opportunities in AREA 47.
To be sure to get a table you can make a reservation in advance. You can reserve for 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm. Please call +43 (0) 5266 87 6 87. 

River Haus Bar & Grill

Head to the bar after the BBQ - bring your adventure-packed day in AREA 47 to a close with your pals. A little beer tastes twice as nice after you've been doing sports and you can talk about your experiences of the day.

Here you´ll find the Opening Hours and the menu!

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