Into the belly of the alps




Price inclusive access to the Water AREA on the day of the tour!
€ 94,00


  • All our tours are carried out by certified guides – without exception. These include a talk on safety & introduction
  • Pre-requisites: Abseiling experience and good level of fitness, no fear of small spaces or heights, no fear of the dark
  • Bring with you: swimming clothing, toiletries
  • Changing booths including showers and lockers are at the outdoor base
  • All tours take place no matter what the weather is look, except when conditions compromise safety (alternative date!)
  • Advance registration required
  • Minimum number of participants per start time: 5 (individuals and smaller groups will be grouped together)
  • Age restriction: minimum age: 16
  • Duration including transfer: around 4 hours
  • Included services
    • Special equipment (neoprene suit, shoes, helmet and climbing  belt) is included in the price for all tours and will be handed out at the outdoor base Transfer to and from the start area
    • Entry to the Water AREA before and after the caving tour

Caving in Oetztal

Do you have climbing experience, surefootedness and would you like to experience a mountain from the inside for once? Then a guided cave tour through the cave system in the Amberg is just the ticket! At one time planned as a power station project, the cave system at the entrance to Ötztal is today a unique subterranean location for a historically-charged adventurous trip. Right from the start you are accompanied by an AREA 47 guide, 110 metres down into the rocky darkness – you certainly won’t have experienced the Alps like this before!

Guided cave hike for Indiana Jones fans aged 16 and over

You should only take part in a caving tour if you have no fear of tight, dark spaces and don’t shy away from heights. You are of course out and about with the best special equipment and your guide will take you safely through the cave. With five to twelve participants, you negotiate the ventilation shaft, before continuing a further 350 metres down. Only then will you reach the emergency exit cave area. With light from your torch, this is a very exciting way to explore the mountain!

Caving in the footsteps of times past: ‘Operation Zitteraal’

In the midst of the rampages of World War 2, Europe’s biggest hydropower station was built at the entrance to the Ötztal valley. Huge reservoir dams were planned, the water was to shoot through the subterranean cave system at high pressure, and you climb through that system during a caving tour. The turbines were planned for Oetztal train station – and all the energy was to be used to start up the world’s biggest and most state-of-the-art wind tunnel for the construction of the Messerschmitt aircraft. Your AREA 47 guide shows you the most interesting sections in the cave system!

After an adrenalin-loaded caving tour go to the Water AREA (included in the price), where you get to experience water fun at its very best!

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