Adrenalin Twin Pack




FLYING FOX Adults € 27,00
FLYING FOX Teens from 12 - 15 years € 22,00
MEGA SWING Adults € 27,00
MEGA SWING Teens from 12 - 15 years € 22,00
Price for the combo incl. access to the Water AREA on the day of the tour!
€ 49,00
FLYING FOX & MEGA SWING COMBO Teens from 12 - 15 years
Price for the combo incl. access to the Water AREA on the day of the tour!
€ 40,00


  • Tours are carried out by certified guides, without exception – and these include a talk on safety & an introduction
  • Flying Fox: Start at 27 metres – 400 metres in length
  • Mega Swing: A jump from 27 metres altitude
  • Tours can be booked individually or as a combi package
  • Duration: approx. 1 ½ hours
  • Pre-requisites: A head for heights, sure-footedness and a being in good health
  • There is a suspension bridge (footbridge) which has 40 cm wide boards, leading to the starting platform
  • Age restriction: minimum age of 12
  • Bring with you: sturdy footwear, outdoor clothing which is suitable for the weather conditions
  • Lockers are available at the climbing base
  • All tours take place whatever the weather conditions are like, except when the conditions pose a danger to your safety (alternative date!)
  • Advance registration required
  • Start times vary
  • Minimum number of participants for each start time: 2 (individuals and smaller groups will join together)
  • Services which are included for all tours:
    • Special equipment (helmet, climbing belt) is included in the price for all tours and will be handed out at the climbing base

The two most exciting aerial adventures in AREA 47, Flying Fox and Mega Swing, can be booked individually or in combination. Whatever you decide, an ultimate adrenalin kick is guaranteed! The Flying Fox is a 400 metre zip line, which runs across the 20,000 square metre Water AREA. No problem if the 27 metre high starting point make your legs turn to jelly. One step is all it takes – and you can then enjoy pure thrills and the loveliest birds’ eye views.

Pre-requisites for the Flying Fox and Mega Swing – are you ready?

Feel Freedom - Mega Swing And Flying Fox in Austria

The Mega Swing gets your heart racing. Across a narrow suspension bridge which has via ferrata safety features, you proceed to the starting point at 27 metres altitude. But that is just a little taster of the adrenalin-rich adventure which awaits you up there. A free fall of up to 8 metres awaits, before you hit a speed of around 100 km/hr in the swinging movement. Forget the here and now, place your trust in the rope and experience a very special, unusual action-packed adventure!

Secure your great value twin pack ticket for your flights!

Outdoors, Action & Adrenalin – enjoy an unbelievable time in AREA 47

In AREA 47 you get to enjoy outdoor action that you would only otherwise see on television. But in Ötztal you get to shoot your own film –in which you are the star. Take yourself to your limits and get an endorphin kick, the one you are always looking for during the daily grind! Special equipment for the Flying Fox and Mega Swing, as well as instruction, is available from an experienced AREA 47 guide. And now it’s over to you – when will you head off to Ötztal in Tyrol for the ultimate adventure trip?

Need to cool off after all that activity? Then it’s time for some bouldering & deep water soloing in the Water AREA!

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