Slides & Jumps in Tyrol



  • No advance registration required
  • All highlights in the Water AREA are included in the price – with no restrictions
  • There are different age restrictions for various activities (recommended age: 12+)
  • There is no area designated for non-swimmers and no infants' area
  • Equipment for activities is provided free of charge (neoprene suits, helmets, life-jackets, wakeboards etc.)
  • Tickets: Day ticket, Sunset Ticket (from 4.00 pm), family ticket, season tickets
  • Tickets are sold directly at the Water AREA cash desk
  • Climbing Wall is included in the price

In the slide park in Austria you will set your swimming togs on fire – there are five different slides to choose from. And if that isn't enough for you then be catapulted from the Cannonball metres above the lake! Please note: There are age restrictions on every slide and these are to be adhered to for your own safety.

Cliff Diving: High diving in the water park in Tyrol

During a jump from metres up you get to feel as free as a bird! It's difficult to imagine the high-altitude euphoria super-athletes and show- jumpers experience as they jump 27 metres into the lake! You and your friends get to enjoy a maximum jump of ten metres – even so, that is the gable height of a lovely detached house. Any jump height in excess of ten metres is the reserve of professional high divers. If you are a high diver, please talk to our Water AREA guides about your training.

In the mood for even more action in Austria's water park? This link takes you to the Little Bro Wakeboard facilities!

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