Accommodation in the Ötztal

Our rooms and lodges have more stars than you could imagine.

Even more highlights await at the various accommodation options offered by the AREA 47 outdoor park in the Ötztal – only a stone’s throw from the adrenaline-packed AREA 47 adventures. When the sun disappears behind the towering mountain tops encircling the area, your room or lodge turn into a 100,000-star hotel. Get cosy, savour the mountain air, and enjoy a campfire atmosphere to round off your perfect outdoor adventure with us here in the Ötztal – #nofilterneeded.

If you book your accommodation in the Ötztal with us, you enjoy free entry to our 20,000 square metre Water AREA from check-in to check-out, as well as being surrounded by exquisite nature. Since the AREA 47 outdoor park is situated at the heart of a natural reserve, we have a set of house rules we need you to respect. To avoid attracting wild animals, we request that you don’t bring food or alcoholic drinks to the accommodations.

Get a taste!

Your benefits when staying with us

Water AREA for free
discount on tours
breakfast included
  • get a discount on your tours (rafting, canyoning, mountainbike)
  • free entry to the Water AREA during your entire stay
  • exclusive entry to Water AREA for overnight guests
  • rich breakfast buffet to start your day right
  • tap water in all rooms
  • overnight stay in the middle of a nature reserve with fresh air and the rushing wild river
  • numerous events at night on site
  • use of GoPro cameras free of charge
  • visit our Heated Lounge to warm up
  • you're in the midst of everything

Our accommodation

Relax on your own terrace in front of the Double Room Plus.
Stay overnight in the heart of AREA 47
Overnight stay in a double room Plus in Ötztal
Overnight stay at AREA 47
Double Rooms Plus

The new rooms come with a double bed (which can be separated into two single beds), bathroom chill/pullout couch, cozy balcony and an amazing view to the surrounding mountains or the Wake AREA. Retreat yourself during night and get ready for all the adventures the next day will bring!

Additional information

Route details of the outdoor activity.
20,5 m²
Suitable tour for large groups
suitable for couples and families
Equipment for AREA 47 activity.
Facilities: 1 double bed/ 2 single beds, seating area with sofa bed, hairdryer, shower towels
Staying at the Ötztal
Accomodations in the Ötztal Valley
Lodges in the AREA 47 in Tyrol

17 small houses constructed in the local traditional mountain hut style generate a feeling of the pure outdoors and will make your eyes shine. Each lodge can host up to four people. The absolute highlight is the private terrace where you can relax at night and round off your perfect outdoor adventure.

Additional information

Route details of the outdoor activity.
28 m²
Suitable tour for large groups
suitable for groups of friends
Equipment for AREA 47 activity.
Facilities: 2 bedrooms each with 2 single beds, seating area with sleeping function, hairdryer, shower towels
Overnight stay in the outdoor park
AREA 47: Double room
Accommodation in the AREA 47
Rooms made from wood
Double Rooms

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a power couple or best friends, our cozy double rooms are perfect for an adventure trip with your better half. Our double rooms are equipped with a double bed, a bathroom, a small sitting area and a balcony or a small terrace.

Additional information

Route details of the outdoor activity.
17 m²
Suitable tour for large groups
suitable for couples
Equipment for AREA 47 activity.
Facilities: 1 double bed, hairdryer, shower towels
Twin Rooms

Planning a vacation with your absolute best friend forever, but need your own comfort zone at night? Then our twin rooms are just right for you and your bestie! You can share unforgettable experiences with your action buddy during the day, but have the bedspread all to yourself at night. All twin bed rooms are equipped with two separate beds, a bathroom. Some of them have a balcony as well.

Additional information

Route details of the outdoor activity.
17 m²
Suitable tour for large groups
suitable for 2 friends or a family of 2
Equipment for AREA 47 activity.
Facilities: 2 single beds, hairdryer, shower towels
Accomodation for friends, groups, schools
The most extreme school trip in all of Austria
Threebed rooms at AREA 47
Rooms in the Oetztal alps
Triple Rooms

With us you are not the third wheel on the wagon. Just book a triple room with your friends. All triple rooms are equipped with three separate beds, a bathroom, a balcony and a really cool view of the Ötztaler Ache and the surrounding mountains.

Additional information

Route details of the outdoor activity.
17 m²
Suitable tour for large groups
suitable for groups of friends
Equipment for AREA 47 activity.
Facilities: 3 single beds, bathroom, hairdryer, shower towels

Sport Camps at AREA 47

Adventure hard, party harder.

If you choose to visit our outdoor park in the Ötztal, you probably aren’t just coming here for the nature and mountain ambience. You’re coming because you seek the ultimate thrill. For you, “Live in the moment” is more than just a motto on a desk calendar. It’s your motto for life, your credo, your everything.

When you visit our outdoor park in the Ötztal, you’re here to get active, to get your body moving, and to get dirty from head to toe – because this is your idea of a good time. You come here, because you want to conquer canyons, white-waters, and your greatest fears. You come here, because you can’t stay away from steep walls and pure rock. This is the place for you! Book your accommodation in the Ötztal together with your AREA 47 experience and venture outdoors. If you book more trips than nights, you’ll get a big fat bonus from us – and lots of praise from your group.

If you prefer, you can also spend your time hanging or jumping, flying, sliding, and splashing in our Water AREA. Entry is free. Need some night-time action? Join our legendary parties next door.

Any questions?

We recommend you to book your accommodation in time. Especially the weekends and the summer days in July and August are very popular and booked up quickly. The sooner you book, the better.

Our accommodations are for outdoor freaks who appreciate short distances to our activities and the various attractions. That's why we only offer our accommodation in combination with activities. For more information just contact us.

All activities except: MTB rental and Water AREA.

We offer our overnight guests a free shuttle from and to the train station Ötztal-Bahnhof. Please contact our booking team at or +43 5266 87676 with your reservation number and train details.

For further shuttles the following cab companies can help you:
Taxi Tipotsch
phone: +43 5266 8 82 16
Taxi West
phone: 0664 80 65 85 00

Of course you may leave the premises at any time and return to your room at any time. Please keep in mind that our security guards are monitoring the area and may ask you for your room keys, as only house guests have access to the living area. Please note our quiet hours from 10:00pm to 7:00am around the accommodations.

We are located in a beautiful landscape that wants to be protected as much as possible. For reasons of nature conservation, we cannot allow barbecues of any kind or fires on the entire grounds, including the accommodations. We ask you to refrain from bringing food and drinks into the rooms. They attract the bears 😉.

Camping in the AREA 47 is prohibited. Violation may result in penalties. Please stay overnight with your camper at a campsite nearby.

Maybe you can find the right answer in our general FAQ's.

Explore our tours

This advanced tour is available only to those with prior canyoning and abseiling experiences and it requires you to push past your limits. Explore rugged cliffs, wild rivers, steep rock faces, and more of the many highlights the Ötztal has to offer. Turn the water at the bottom of the cliffs into your own swimming pool and the waterfalls into your diving platform. This tour takes between three to four hours, including transfer.

Minimum age: 16 years

The Imster Gorge rafting experience in the Oetztal in Tyrol is a great introductory white-water trip. It has a level three difficulty rating, meaning it’s suitable for beginners. The unique course of the river, however, excites rafters of all levels. Including some excellent waves and drops that guarantee bursts of laughter in the boat and plenty of adrenaline, rafting in the Imster Gorge delivers a mix between great natural scenery and excellent white-water and is ideal for corporate, club, school, and family trips.

Minimum age: 14 years

You long for a break in the mountains? Our e-bike trips in Tyrol are a great opportunity to get in the saddle of one of our high-end e-bikes and enjoy the airstream cooling your sweaty skin as you speed down the mountain. With the electric support of our new generation e-bike fleet, you can take on this trip with ease. Our licensed mountain bike guides provide you with interesting insights into the art of e-bike trekking.

Minimum age: 14 years

If you are one of these people who think life is like walking on a tightrope, we’ll show you what it really means to lose your balance. At giddy heights of up to 27 metres, we’ll dare you to master one challenge after another, with just six inches keeping you from a plunge. Good luck!

Minimum age: 12 years