Wakeboarding camp for kids

The coolest experience you can make offline.

Two days of action, sports, and plenty of fun with friends. Our Kids Wake Camp is the highlight of the upcoming summer for anyone who wants to have fun, while also learning new skills. Our professional guides and qualified instructors are happy to share their knowledge in a way that isn’t just fun, but also effective. The Wake AREA will be closed for visitors during the camp, allowing uninterrupted practice fun and giving you all the time in the world you need to learn wake basics or new tricks.

Learn how to jump and slide. Perform grabs, ollies, flips and combine groovy jumps on the trampoline in our Water AREA. There’re no limits! Talk to our guides to learn what you’re best at. Our wakeboarding camp for kids includes two two-hour sessions on the wakeboard. The lift will be exclusively reserved during these sessions, ensuring undisturbed training without any pressure. Coaching in our Wake AREA also equips you with the theoretical foundation you need to make quick progress. You’ll also get the chance to practice on our trampoline and take advantage of our exclusive Water AREA attractions on the afternoon of your first day of training.

We equip you with a top-notch board as well as all the gear you require for the sport for the full duration of your wakeboard camp in Austria without any additional charges.

Please bring a bit of experience, ideally. And of course your swimsuit, a towel, some water to stay hydrated and good mood.

  • 2 x 2 hrs of wakeboard session with exclusive cable rental and professional coaching at Wake AREA
  • 1 x theoretical lesson
  • 2 x training sessions at the trampolin
  • all equipment included (wakeboard, wetsuit, helmet, life vest)
  • admission to the Water AREA on the afternoon of your first day

Because of safety reasons you have to be 10 years or older.