Incentives and team building events in Tyrol, Austria

All for one and one for all. Here, you can also get all-in-one.

Host your incentive or school trip at the AREA 47 outdoor park in Austria, and bring new meaning to being in the same boat. There are so many benefits to including outdoor activities as part of incentives or school trips. With over 35 fun sports activities, participants learn new skills that cannot be taught in a boardroom or classroom, and they achieve things they never thought possible. Several of the activities available here at Austria’s largest outdoor adventure park are ideal to strengthen team spirit, and to promote the bond within your team as well as to advance personal development. You can only prevent your raft from flipping and being washed away by the currents of the roaring river if you work together as a team and paddle in the same rhythm. Canyoning turns the accounting department or your school class into a team of explorers and makes the jagged canyon their new office or classroom. Our meeting room with 160m² provides state-of-the-art technology for training and group activities on solid ground. Two restaurants, one with a split area for more privacy, and several accommodation options for your employees, students, or business partners are also available on site. Our exclusive all-in-one service is built on years of experience in planning and successfully implementing spectacular events and professional business meetings. The best guides ensure you are safe during any activity, as they provide you with professional safety briefings and help you get the most of your trip.

Why AREA 47?

  • ALL IN ONE: meetings, accommodation, catering and activities from a single source
  • EVERYTHING ON SITE: no unnecessary transport routes and the car stays put
  • REAL LIFE IS OUTDOORS: located in the middle of a nature reserve
  • INDIVIDUAL: customised offers & uncomplicated planning
  • SAFE IS SAFE: highly trained guides & top equipment

Virtual Tour through AREA 47

Get out of the daily grind and into adventure! If you want a meeting or a company outing to be something special, then AREA 47 is the right place for you. You can choose from over 35 different activities for your employees or customers and find the best catering options. Just ask us: we will find the perfect day out for you.

Spend the night in the middle of a nature reserve with a starry sky and complete peace and quiet? A dream come true! In addition, you have everything you need within walking distance: restaurants, meeting rooms and an action-packed supporting programme with over 35 activities. Whether it's just one night during the week or several days - there's always something to do here!

We are also happy to offer exclusive services on request to give your employees or customers the feeling of being in a class of their own. Please note, however, that this is only possible during the week and in the low season. Do you think your special request is impossible? Challenge us and let's fulfil it together!

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Enquire about our options and we’ll provide you with a tailored quote. As one of the most extraordinary partners for events, incentives, and meetings in Tyrol, Austria, we have a comprehensive range of offers catering to all needs, regardless of how small or big your group will be. 400 persons or more? No problem; we’ve got you covered.

Prices for additional services can be provided upon request. Any special requirements? Let’s talk!