THE sport show of the year in Tyrol

10 years full of sports, adventure and action

On the 21st of May 2010 we startet our first decade with a lot of action and sports. And again, thats what we plan to start our second decade. Be prepared to see stunning sport shows all in one day. Don't forget to catch your breath in between. You'll be stoked, we promise.

So, what can you expect?

  • Red Bull Skydiving Show
  • Wakeboard Show with Red Bull athlete Dominik Gührs
  • Cliff Diving Show at Water AREA
  • Extreme Blobbing at Water AREA
  • Climbing Show with adidas athletes Thomas & Alexander Huber (Huber Buam)
  • Mountainbike Show with adidas athlete Kenny Belaey
  • Acro Paragliding Show with adidas athletes
  • Live Band at Lakeside Restaurant
  • After Show Party at River Haus Bar & Grill up from 22:00 Uhr with Wax Wreckaz

No cover charge.
All regular tours are taking place.

Entry for the after show party: 18 years and older