A dance with gravity

Freestyle Highdiving Competition presented by Evil Juice

At our impressive Water AREA diving tower, a spectacular show awaits you: the Freestyle Highdiving Competition presented by Evil Juice. In the unique setting of our Water AREA, you will experience the thrill as athletes defy gravity. Witness daring high divers plunging headfirst into the depths and presenting incredible freestyle tricks on the diving tower. Prepare to hold your breath and be captivated by the unforgettable spectacle of the Freestyle Highdiving Competition on our 16 and 20-meter high diving towers!

Program Schedule

  • Location: Water AREA
  • Entry to Water AREA from 4:00 PM
  • Start: 4:30 PM
  • Award ceremony around 7:15 PM

Ready for the ultimate competition and the challenge ahead? Our Cliff Diving Freestyle Event offers experienced divers the unique opportunity to test their impressive skills and compete with other athletes. Show what you're made of! Don't miss this chance to prove yourself as a true high dive professional. Join us and become the undisputed hero of the skies!

Information for Participants:

  • Dive from 16 or 20 meters height
  • Friday, September 13th: Training/Coaching - 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Judging criteria and dive information will be provided after registration

The competition will be held in the following categories:

There are 2 participation categories: Dive from 16 meters or Dive from 20 meters. Please indicate your preferred height in the registration form.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Juniors U18 Men
  • Juniors U18 Women


Feel up to the challenge and want to showcase your cliff diving skills? Register by August 30, 2024!


You must be at least 14 years old and have high-diving experience. For minors, parental consent is required to participate.

Registration fee: €40 (Includes entry to Water AREA on both event days, even outside of the event)


Somersault Directions:
Front Twist
Back Twist
Reverse Twist
Inward Twist
Armstand Twist

Side (Offaxis Flips in Sideflip Position)
Off Axis Twist (a Twist out off the Regular twist Axis)
Mid Twist (between two or more somersault)
Grap (Befor or in or on the end of the somersault or twist )
The letter at the end of the dive number shall indicate the position in which the dive is performed:
A = Straight B = Pike C = Tuck =D F = 3 Free Positions “Free” position means any combination
of the other positions and is restricted in its use in some Twisting and Armstand dives.
3 positions means that during the dive all positions A, B and C must be shown.

Landing Position:
Straigth ( you have to Rip the Entry)
Splashdown (you have to make a Splashdown on purpose)

This was Freestyle Highdiving Competition 2023