Live Tunes 'n BBQ with Harry-Max

It's all acoustic on Wednesday nights at River Haus Bar & Grill.

A duo with the strength of a whole band - that's how the 2 describe themselves.

Rock'n'Roll encounters mellow ballads, timeless evergreens meet fresh tunes, and tried-and-true becomes "never-heard-it-before, but really good!". The result is a lively, cultivated mixture of sounds. A thoughtful foray through six decades that delights across generations. That and much more is Harry-Max. With their covers and self-written songs, they provide the right live tunes for the BBQ.

What connects the two? A friendship and the passion for music. They have fun to create an awesome atmosphere with their sound and to inspire the audience. Through numerous performances in Germany, Italy and Austria, every performance becomes a highlight.

In addition to a musical stop at the River Haus, an excerpt of adventure and adrenaline draws them to Area 47- canyoning and rafting, that's what the 2 would love to try.

Be there when Harry-Max provides good sound while you can comfortably enjoy your BBQ!