Are you ready?

Raft Battle Champion 2024!

You, 6 buddies & 1 experienced guide - can you pass the Raft Battle together and win the fight against the elemental forces of the water and your opponents?!
No matter if you are a newbie or washed with all white waters. All are welcome and can participate.

The event is organized by the tourism association Imst & Ötztal. At the probably most famous rafting route in Europe, the Imster Gorge, you will experience an ingenious mix of action-packed whitewater passages and relaxed floating sections on the 14-kilometer-long tour.

In the fight against waves, rollers and surging water, you have to paddle together and listen to the commands of your experienced guide: "Forward! Backwards! Left forward, right backward! Only as a team you will manage to defy the unrestrained forces of the water. Along the relaxed stretches you play a game on the edge of the boat and try not to fall into the river.

Insider tip: If you feel like enjoying a refreshing tequila, just ask your guide for it and he will serve you the ice cold surprise with pleasure!

What you need to know:

  • Date: 04.05.2024
  • Registration deadline: 21.04.2024
  • Registration fee per person: € 99,- with included benefits

How do I register my 6 person team?

What is included in the price (€ 99,- per person)?

  • Equipment, instruction & training session
  • Transport to and from the track
  • RAFT BATTLE & Challenge
  • Prizes worth € 1400,- (PS: every participant wins)
  • a cool After Battle BBQ with live music

What will be the schedule?

06.05.2023: RACE DAY

  • 12:00 pm: Arrival and fitting of the teams
  • 1:00 pm: Instruction & training session
  • 3:00 pm: Start RAFT BATTLE
  • 4:30 pm: Winners ceremony, BBQ & live music

Ready: you start at AREA 47 where you will be fully equipped and meet your guide who will provide you with first tips and info.

Set: you continue at the entry point to the Imster Gorge. You will get a safety briefing and the chance to get familiar with the white water in a training session.

Go: the race starts with a challenge that you have to master before you can run to your boat and have to prove yourself in the fight against waves, rollers, balancing water and time.

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