Beach bar in the Ötztal

Beach vibes and sunshine at the heart of the Alps.

What sounds like an either-or decision to most people is daily business for us. Come and see for yourself what it’s like to enjoy the beach life at our Beach Bar in the Ötztal amid jagged mountains and Alpine nature. Fresh juices, fruity drinks, and delicious spring water keep you hydrated throughout your day out in the Tyrolean sun. Get refreshed and refuel for a new day of adventure at our 20,000 square metre Water AREA.

A Beach Bar without sunshine is like an ice rink without ice. It may sound a little cheesy, but it’s actually true. This is why our Beach Bar in the Ötztal is open only on days with good weather. Should our Beach bar be closed, you are welcome to hang with your wake friends at our Wake Café right at the lake, watching wakeboard geeks pull of their best tricks and jumps. Or you can treat yourself to the ultimate dining experience. At the AREA 47 outdoor park, we have not just one, but two restaurants. The choice is yours. Enjoy!

Activities at Water AREA

Blobbing works just like seesawing, but ends quite differently. A gigantic air cussion on the water, a jumper and bit of physics let you fly through the air. Blobbing is so unique, it has to be on your bucket list.


Do you feel the need for heights and speed? 17 metres in height. 50 kilometres per hour fast. This is our Water Ramp adventure – a dream come true for all seekers of unsurpassed water action. Do you dare?


Experience the full force of water launching you across the lake like a circus acrobat before you dive into the water.



If you ever wanted to try out Wakeboarding – here’s your chance! And at our rookie wake cable at Water AREA it’s for free as well. You’re hooked up? No problem. Take a step up at the big cable at Wake AREA.


Five slides and several cliff diving platforms at different heights combine excellent water fun with adrenaline-fuelled adventure that forces you to face gravity.


Blobbing, Cannonball und fünf abgefahrene Rutschen: Gönn dir Adrenalin in unserer Water AREA.