BBQ restaurant: steakhouse in Tyrol

The sizzle is music to your taste buds.

Our pitmaster only throws the best cuts of local Alpine beef on the BBQ: 300 grams of pure steak delight and the highest quality the Ötztal has to offer. The onions are cheering in the frying pan. Crisp, green lettuce is waiting for its entrance. The strong scent of smoke is spreading, reminding you of unforgettable barbecue summer nights. Your hunger is reaching an all-time high, when it finally arrives: your Ribeye steak, medium-rare, just like you had imagined it.

At our BBQ restaurant, one of the most extraordinary steakhouses in Tyrol, we don’t just serve steak in all styles. Grilled, seasonal veggies make for a great accompaniment even for carnivores. But vegetarians also love our excellent selection of mouth-watering veggie dishes. Juicy tenderloins, spare ribs, and beef briskets of the highest quality that are served straight from the smoker will make your palate rejoice. All this and more pairs especially well with the exciting industrial-style ambience of our River Haus. After all, you eat with your eyes first.

Steak tastes best if accompanied by a freshly tapped beer or one of our Stiegl slow-brew specialities. A glass of fine wine and the unique setting in the Alps make your gourmet moment at the AREA 47 outdoor park complete. Sometimes, we even have live music and cool bands introducing a long night. Our BBQ restaurant and steakhouse River Haus Bar & Grill in Tyrol is open to everyone. You are welcome, regardless of whether you’re an adventurer, adrenaline freak, outdoor heroine, passing traveller, or a real gourmet. Our smoky delicacies are for all.

Our BBQ restaurant and Tyrol steakhouse, River Haus Bar & Grill, can host up to 160 hungry adventurers and quench their appetite for delicious food, hearty snacks, and good company. When it’s getting dark outside, you can also use our River Haus as a dance floor. In our lounge, we have even more place for up to 30 guests, perfectly suited for corporate events that are best enjoyed in privacy.

This is where extraordinary people with extraordinary stories get together. This is where locals meet travellers and adventurers meet adrenaline junkies. They all have one thing in common: good taste! Why else would they choose this extraordinary steakhouse in Tyrol as their number one meeting point?

Be on the safe side and secure your seat at our restaurant in advance. If you want to be guaranteed a table, a reservation is highly recommended. We offer tables at every half an hour from 6 to 9:30 pm. Please call us at +43 (0) 5266 8 76 76 and let us know your preferred day, time, and the size of your party.

For groups of ten persons and more, we offer special barbecue highlights that are only available upon advance reservation. Our Brazilian-style Churrasco – grilled meat on a sword – consists of only the best pieces of local beef. Our scrumptious grill special is available for parties of two guests and more. If you have a great appetite, you should call and arrange your culinary experience with us in advance. For reservations and pre-orders, please call +43 (0) 5266 8 76 76.

To round off your day of adventure at the AREA 47 outdoor park in proper style, you should visit our River Haus Bar & Grill. Enjoy a sparkling cocktail or taste one of our rare beer specialities straight from the tap.

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Activities, that make you hungry

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