Guided e-biking in Tyrol

The right technique allows you to achieve your goals – all of them!

You’re tempted to go on a mountain biking tour in the Alps but are slightly put off by the idea of having to climb steep mountain paths? There’s no need to worry about burning muscles and fierce elevation with this guided e-biking trip in Tyrol. Yes, we’re still going uphill, but with a little bit of help from the electric motors in our bikes. Filled with spectacular nature views and spiced up with just the right amount of downhill action, this trip provides one of the best guided e-biking experiences in all of Tyrol. Conquer the Ötztal mountains, reward yourself with a refreshing dip in the peaceful waters of Lake Piburg, and feel the flow on our local single tracks. Our guides are ready to introduce you to the art of e-biking and are always there to help you out.

Allow approximately three hours for this tour. The length and elevation gain for this tour are 20 kilometres and 500 metres in height, respectively. The tour is accompanied by our professional, certified guides, who also provide you with an introduction to the sport and safety instructions.

Our bike guides set up your Trek E-Bike Powerfly FS before you arrive. Please provide us with information about your height and weight in advance so that your bike can be adjusted to your individual needs. This service ensures you can dive right into your mountain bike experience without any additional wait time.

We equip you with your own Bike, Bike Shoes by Adidas Five Ten and a helmet. The price for this tour even includes exclusive entry to the Water AREA on the day of your visit. All you need to bring is comfy slacks to ride in and all-weather outdoor clothing – just in case.

To book this activity, you need to 14 years or older and at least 1.53 metres tall. A good physical condition is, of course, also required.

This tour runs rain or shine. If the weather is actually dangerous, an alternate date will be given.

Are you looking for real mountain bike action and an adventure in the Ötztal mountains that’s worth every penny? Join us on our electric-powered Valley Loop mountain bike trip in the dazzling nature of the Ötztal and explore Tyrol from the perspective of your e-mountain bike. Pass by Tyrol’s tallest waterfall and enjoy the most scenic spots in the region. Our experienced guides provide professional coaching that equips you with all the essentials you need for a premium e-mountain bike experience in Tyrol.


This all-terrain mountain bike trip to Lake Piburg in Tyrol gives you a unique opportunity to experience the variety of mountain biking in Tyrol first hand. Experience your first downhill ride on one of our easier single tracks suited for all levels. Improve your riding technique and gain the fundamentals for quick progress. Our experienced and licenses AREA 47 Bike Academy guides ensure the best biking experience in the Ötztal mountains. Also included in this tour are our quality Trek bikes, O’Neal safety gear, and the support from our certified mountain bike guides.


Jump on the lift and get your adrenaline rush hitting exquisite downhill tracks and steep descents. Rock natural wood sections and clear the gaps of advanced single tracks at the Bike Republic Sölden in Tyrol – one of the most unique mountain bike and downhill destinations in Austria. The MTB Freeride Rallye Sölden day trip is ideal for riders ready to take on the next level. The AREA 47 Bike Academy guides ensure quick progress and maximum action even for beginners.


Our indoor MX hall is the perfect place to test our hot fleet of electric powered MX bikes. Professional, certified guides and real pros on site ensure you can make the most of your indoor ride and you can try out our latest generation e-motocross bikes.


The Imster Schlucht is also home to some especially challenging sections with swirling eddies, standing waves, and rippling white-water. This run promises unsurpassed rafting value for rafting pros, which is why we have chosen this as the site for our Power Rafting trip. Prepare for a wild bull ride guaranteed to soak and thrill you from head to toe, and hold on to your boat if you want to earn yourself the title of rafting hero or heroine of Austria.


This spectacular three- to four-hour tour is the ideal canyoning trip for beginners, allowing you to explore the Tyrolean mountains from a unique point of view. Rope down waterfalls, slide down slick, natural chutes, and jump down cliffs several metres high.