Incentives and team building events in Tyrol, Austria

All for one and one for all. Here, you can also get all-in-one.

Host your incentive or school trip at the AREA 47 outdoor park in Austria, and bring new meaning to being in the same boat. There are so many benefits to including outdoor activities as part of incentives or school trips. With over 35 fun sports activities, participants learn new skills that cannot be taught in a boardroom or classroom, and they achieve things they never thought possible. Several of the activities available here at Austria’s largest outdoor adventure park are ideal to strengthen team spirit, and to promote the bond within your team as well as to advance personal development. You can only prevent your raft from flipping and being washed away by the currents of the roaring river if you work together as a team and paddle in the same rhythm. Canyoning turns the accounting department or your school class into a team of explorers and makes the jagged canyon their new office or classroom. Our meeting room with 160 square metres provides state-of-the-art technology for training and group activities on solid ground. Two restaurants, one with a split area for more privacy, and several accommodation options for your employees, students, or business partners are also available on site. Our exclusive all-in-one service is built on years of experience in planning and successfully implementing spectacular events and professional business meetings. The best guides ensure you are safe during any activity, as they provide you with professional safety briefings and help you get the most of your trip.

Armed with a paddle and protected by a wetsuit, you and your team will venture into the wild white-water of the Inn river or the legendary Ötztaler Ache. A roaring mass of water, wild currents, and standing waves as well as raw primal forces put your team and their team spirit to the test during rafting at the heart of Ötztal’s untamed nature.

Jumping, sliding, and abseiling while keeping a cool head? It doesn’t just sound challenging, it is challenging. Put your team to the test with canyoning, the ultimate adventure ride in the Alps, and promote your employees’, partners’, or students’ spirit of adventure and ability to work together.

Tree trunks dangling in the air, real challenges to be mastered at staggering heights, and obstacles threatening to throw you off balance at an incredible 27 metres in height. Our high ropes course amid the magnificent scenery spurs your team to take on even the most daring projects.

Grit your teeth and go to it! The Flying Fox allows you to fly high across the 20,000 square metres of our impressive Water AREA. Can you also take a fall? Take the ultimate test and jump into the depths from 27 metres with the largest swing in the Alps: the Mega Swing.


Are you currently planning a special team building event or incentive in Tyrol, Austria to get your employees, business partners, or colleagues moving? Done! AREA 47 combines everything needed to put together a successful and fun event at one location, spanning over 95,000 square metres. We provide everything from meeting rooms and excellent food at our Lakeside Restaurant and River Haus Bar & Grill to accommodations for an unparalleled experience on the 47th parallel.