GoPro rental and more

Additional services and top-notch shopping options.


We have the best connection to what’s happening in real life.

The AREA 47 premises are situated amid a nature reserve of unsurpassed beauty. This means all our AREA 47 trips and activities include a free digital detox, giving you the opportunity to focus on what really counts here: mastering the challenges you are faced with in our sensational outdoor adventure park. Record your ultimate adventure with our latest GoPro rental gear, or simply use the unlimited data volume of your mind and collect unforgettable memories. But don’t worry; you never have to go entirely offline. On the entire site, you enjoy free Wi-Fi, so you can tell your friends and family at home that you’re fine.

GoPro Lounge

Are you afraid no one will believe you?

That can happen. But we’ll help you video tape your adventure on a brand-new GoPro camera. Just rent it in our exclusive GoPro Lounge. We have the latest models and rent out top-rated gear for free. It’s simple: bring a valid photo ID, a deposit of € 150 payable in cash or by credit card, and € 18 for a 32 GB Class 10 memory card. Alternatively, you can also bring your own micro memory card and spend the € 18 on a burger at our Lakeside Restaurant. Our GoPro Lounge is conveniently located next to the Outdoor Base, from where your outdoor adventure starts. Get the GoPro best suited for your trip and share your pictures with us later. The best ones are made public and honoured with great prices. Have you become so attached to your rental GoPro that you would like to keep it? Head to our SunUp Shop and take it home with you!

SunUp Shop

AREA 47 does not only make you look better, but also fully equips you for your adventure.

Our AREA 47 outdoor park is also home to an exclusive SunUp Shop. Here, you can find top-quality functional gear, cool swimwear and bikinis that stay in place, and the latest bike apparel by adidas, and many more leading brands. We also have brand-new GoPro cameras to purchase and the hottest bikes, e-bikes, rollerblades, and e-skateboards to rent at excellent conditions.

Beach Volleyball

Beach feeling in the Ötztal Alps.

Challenge your friends to a beach volleyball match or dare a stranger to complete your team. This will make for an exciting game. Our beach volleyball court, situated in the Water AREA, is accessible to all who fancy a good volleyball match, even without valid AREA 47 ticket. The only thing that’s missing now is you. Show your opponents what a good forearm pass looks like and how to set and block. Soak up plenty of sunshine and enjoy the fine sand between your toes paired with the Alpine lifestyle of the Ötztal mountains. Volleyballs are available for a small rental fee at the Water AREA box office.

Beach Soccer

Just like volleyball. But with your feet.

Imagine a soccer pitch made of sand, a couple eager players, and a ball. This is all you need to engage in a crazy beach soccer match in the AREA 47 outdoor park. But beware: Beach soccer is super addictive. Make sure also to put on plenty of sunscreen, because it’s quite possible that you forget the time and bake in the sun for several hours without even noticing. You can use our beach soccer pitch even without a ticket to our Water AREA; it is fully accessible to the public. Bring your own football or rent one at the Water AREA box office for a small fee.


Climbing and bouldering à la AREA 47.

Our Boulder Cave is situated next to our spectacular climbing tower at one of the impressive bridge pillars. It is open to the public and accessible even without valid AREA 47 ticket. Different difficulty levels inspire both experienced climbers and boulder experts as well as beginners. Excellent views of the Ötztal mountains will make you want to climb higher and higher. Come here to improve your skills or enjoy the holds as the whim takes you. But don’t forget, you’re on your own here. If you fall, you fall, and no one is there to catch you – except for our comfy crash pad, of course. The pad has additional support from the loose gravel on which it rests. Do you want more? The highest climbing tower in Austria is waiting for you.

Heated Lounge

You feel the cold. We have the remedy.

Conveniently situated at our Outdoor Base, our Heated Lounge helps you warm up frozen limbs after your canyoning experience or an extensive raft session in the ice-cold waters of the Ötztaler Ache. Sit down, relax, and revive your spirits feeling the soothing rays of our infrared light on your skin.