Mountain bike and e-bike trips for beginners and experts in Tyrol

Two-wheeled dreams and true wilderness.

You don’t need wings to fly. Sometimes two wheels and a perfectly shaped bike trail are just enough. And believe us: there’s plenty of mountain bike trails, flow trails, and single tracks here in Tyrol, Austria, just like there’s an abundance of epic mountains and peaks towering above 3,000 metres elevation. There’re only two things you need to bring to get rolling on the best Tyrol single tracks: guts and strong calves! Your mountain bike is included for free on all our mountain bike and e-mountain bike trips for beginners and experts. Your bike is waiting for you at our bike station in the Ötztal, Tyrol. Experience adventure riding with our guided mountain bike and e-bike trips in Tyrol and get ready to go beyond limits – especially your own.

Our experience is your advantage. Our guides, who are real pros, live for the mountains. They will take you to the most beautiful places, hidden trails, and spectacular locations in the Ötztal mountains, sharing their insider knowledge and expert tips on the way. At our AREA 47 Bike Academy, you get a chance to learn from the best mountain bikers in the region. What they teach you, you’ll never forget. Maximise your riding skills while enjoying maximum fun and action – this is our credo at the AREA 47 Bike Academy. Believe us, we take it very seriously.

Let’s go into the wild and put the pedal to the metal! Everyone is welcome on our guided mountain bike and e-bike trips in Tyrol, regardless if you’re a lone rider or a group of buddies or girlfriends. Take on the Ötztal by mountain bike, clear some excellent single tracks and advanced gaps, and gain elevation in front of the stunning backdrop of the surrounding mountains. Mountain biking in Tyrol means fun and challenge for sporty bikers. To us, mountain biking in Tyrol is more than just an adventure; it’s a lifestyle. Come here to celebrate this lifestyle with us.

Calf strength meets electric power

Do you crave mountain bike action amid stunning mountains but want to be in charge of how much muscle power you have to invest? Our e-bike tours in Tyrol are right up your alley. How about an e-bike tour in the Tyrolean mountains? You choose how much you want to get your calves involved and how much power you want to invest. Mountain bike enthusiasts and downhill freaks can get their money’s worth on our Mountain Bike and Freeride Rallye or exploring the professionally shaped tracks of the Bike Republic Sölden. Our MTB All Ride trip, on the other hand, is the perfect mix of nature and physical challenge.

Wash off the dirt you’ve collected on one of our mountain bike or e-bike trips in Tyrol and refresh in our splashy water park, the exclusive Water AREA, for free! On the day of your mountain bike trip, you receive free entry to our action-packed water attractions!

Mountain bike and e-bike trips in Tyrol

Which trip do you opt for?


You long for a break in the mountains? Our e-bike trips in Tyrol are a great opportunity to get in the saddle of one of our high-end e-bikes and enjoy the airstream cooling your sweaty skin as you speed down the mountain. With the electric support of our new generation e-bike fleet, you can take on this trip with ease. Our licensed mountain bike guides provide you with interesting insights into the art of e-bike trekking.

Minimum age: 14 years

Are you looking for real mountain bike action and an adventure in the Ötztal mountains that’s worth every penny? Join us on our electric-powered Valley Loop mountain bike trip in the dazzling nature of the Ötztal and explore Tyrol from the perspective of your e-mountain bike. Pass by Tyrol’s tallest waterfall and enjoy the most scenic spots in the region. Our experienced guides provide professional coaching that equips you with all the essentials you need for a premium e-mountain bike experience in Tyrol.

Minimum age: 14 years

This all-terrain mountain bike trip to Lake Piburg in Tyrol gives you a unique opportunity to experience the variety of mountain biking in Tyrol first hand. Experience your first downhill ride on one of our easier single tracks suited for all levels. Improve your riding technique and gain the fundamentals for quick progress. Our experienced and licenses AREA 47 Bike Academy guides ensure the best biking experience in the Ötztal mountains. Also included in our mountain bike tours in Tyrol are our quality Trek bikes, a complete set of safety gear, and support from our certified mountain bike guides.

Minimum age: 0 years

Challenging mountain bike trips in Tyrol for experts only? You ask, we deliver. Jump on the lift and get your adrenaline rush hitting exquisite downhill tracks and steep descents. Rock natural wood sections and clear the gaps of advanced single tracks at the Bike Republic Sölden in Tyrol – one of the most unique mountain bike and downhill destinations in Austria. MTB Bikepark Advanced Sölden day trip is ideal for riders ready to take on the next level. The AREA 47 Bike Academy guides ensure quick progress and maximum action even for beginners.

Minimum age: 14 years

The name says it all: this e-bike trip for experts in Tyrol is a challenge. Navigate thick forests and gnarly alpine terrain and enjoy the feeling of being out there. Rooty tech trails and nature’s finest tracks challenge a variety of skills. But no worries: professional guides are at your side to provide support when you need it. They’ll show you how to tame your e-mountain bike and the rough mountains. What awaits you out there is beyond your imagination. Get the adrenaline flowing on merciless single tracks, inspiring nature trails, and some of Austria’s most inspiring mountain bike tracks. Grand views are your reward – as if the feeling of having made it isn’t reward enough.

Minimum age: 14 years

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