Mountainbike Technique Training

Improve your mountain bike skills in just one day!

May 14th, 2023 and May 28th, 2023

Our mountain bike day course for beginners includes the all-round starter package for all off-road rookies. From the first bike check, a repair workshop to riding technique training - we get you ready for your first mountain bike adventure!

Right at the beginning we show you how to adjust your mountainbike to your needs. Seat position, damping and tire pressure play an important role for a nice riding experience. In case things don't go well with the riding experience, we'll show you in a short repair workshop how you can help yourself in the event of a breakdown and how you can easily carry out small repairs on the bike yourself.

Then it's time to get on the saddle and off to the riding technique training! The first half of the riding technique training will take place at our practice area. Here we practice the following riding technique basics on easy terrain to prepare you for your first ride off-road:

  • Starting & Shifting Technique – Proper shifting and starting on steeper trails will especially help you on uphill rides.
  • Braking technique – Braking sounds easy at first, but is often underestimated. The right braking technique helps you to be safer in the terrain, to avoid crashs, to overcome small obstacles and to rock all kinds of curves.
  • Eye tracking – Did you know that you always ride where you are looking at? This fact makes it sound logical to look at the end of the curve - and it is! 😉
  • Lift front and rear wheel – You've stopped with your bike in front of a setback and thought to yourself, WTF? We show you how you can master setbacks and narrow sections by lifting the front and rear wheel.
  • Balance – Offroads, stones and roots rule. You are miles away from the safe surface of roads and wide forest paths. We train your balance with various exercises, so that you can ride safely on different surfaces.

After you have practiced the basics on easy terrain, we will take you to surrounding trails in the second part of the riding technique training and show you how you can apply your newly acquired skills on difficult terrain.

Our MTB Basics training days will take place on May 14th, 2023 and May 28th, 2023

MTB Basics training day: € 104,- per person

This course is especially suitable for newcomers to mountain biking. No special mountain bike experience is necessary for this course. This means that you are in the right place for this course if you:

  • are confident riding your e-bike on roads and wide forest roads
  • have little or no off-road experience
  • have not yet ridden on trails, but are curious and motivated
  • have a basic athletic condition for approx. 200 meters altitude difference

To participate in this course you must be at least 153 cm tall and 14 years old.

  • 9:00 Meeting point at the Freeride Base
  • Basic technique and workshop at the practice area
  • Short lunch break
  • Implementation of what has been learned in the terrain as well as on a practice parkour
  • Conclusion approx. 15:00
  • Afterwards you can cool down in the Water AREA, the entrance fee is included in the course

Feel free to bring your own mountain bike if you already have one. Otherwise you can test one of our Trek Remedy's for free. You will get all the equipment you need for the riding technique training:

  • Bike from TREK
  • Mountain bike shoes and jerseys from adidas Five Ten
  • Mountainbike gloves from Zanier
  • and a helmet.

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