Try Wakeboarding in Austria

Just so they can't call you Jerry of the day

Our 20.000 sqm Wakeboard lake can be very intimidating in the first place and faceplants are for sure at a speed of 30 km/h. But don't give up right away - we show you how to conquer the cable. For example how to start with a kneeboard or water ski instead of a wakeboard to get a feeling for the speed and the force of the turns.

Power is out? Recharge at our Wake Café and watch others drawing their lines.

Wake AREA First Try can be booked daily and lasts for an hour.
The necessary equipment is provided by us: kneeboard, wakeboard, wetsuit, helmet and life vest. All included.
Bathing suit is a must. On top a towel and flip flops are recommended. If you have one, bring a rash guard (from surfing).

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This might be your chance to show how brave you are. Your blood is rushing through your veines, you’re breathing heavily when you’re standing at the platform staring down. From 94 meters, into the Arzler Pitzeklamm gorge, head first, backwards, feet first. Trust us: It’s the best feeling ever.


Completion of our Wake School equips you with the fundamentals required for quick progression on the board.


Jump on your wakeboard, catch the next handle bar, and surf across the lake waters. At the Wake AREA, your exclusive wakeboarding park in the Ötztal, Tyrol with top-notch Rixen five-pillar cableway, you can pull off wicked tricks and get big air in front of the scenic backdrop of the Alps.