Blobbing in the Ötztal, Austria

We believe in love at first blob.

Do you remember when you last sat on a seesaw? It was probably sometime during your childhood. It’s time to revisit the experience with blobbing. This fun sports trend follows the principle of the seesaw, at least in theory. In practice, it delivers unsurpassed water action paired with extra adrenaline. You’re guaranteed to be roaring with laughter. As the blobber, you sit down at the one end of this gigantic, partially inflated air bag, while a jumper prepares to jump onto the other end. Feel your heart beat faster and faster, as the jumper climbs the ladder to the three-metre platform behind you. His leap onto the bag will launch you into the air and then into the water at full force. While your flight path is beyond your control, one thing is absolutely certain: it’s going to be a wet landing and spasms of laughter are going to make your abs hurt.

Since your blobbing adventure in the Ötztal, Austria puts intense pressure on your body, you’ll be equipped with a helmet and vest. Here at the AREA 47 water park, safety comes first. Did you know that there’s even blobbing championships, where experienced blobbers pull off insane tricks and jumps? The world record for jumping is 19 metres. Explore the sport and discover your new passion. For some more flying action, we recommend you try out our Cannonball attraction as well. Both activities are already included in the price of our Water AREA – no separate fees will be charged! Just drop by our box office on site, get your ticket, and start blobbing. For safety reasons, a minimum weight of 40 kg is required.

Let's blob!

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