Water catapult for the brave



  • No advance registration required
  • All highlights in the Water AREA are included in the price – with no restrictions
  • There are different age restrictions for various activities (recommended age: 12+)
  • There is no area designated for non-swimmers and no infants' area
  • Equipment for activities is provided free of charge (neoprene suits, helmets, life-jackets, wakeboards etc.)
  • Tickets: Day ticket, Sunset Ticket (from 4.00 p.m.), family ticket, season tickets
  • Tickets are sold directly at the Water AREA cash desk
  • Climbing Wall is included in the price

Have you ever wanted to try what it feels like to be a human cannon ball and fly metres above AREA 47? While you take your seat in the canon ball and await the powerful dash of water behind you, your heart rate races to undreamt-of heights – then the jet of water comes with such force that it takes your breath away! But watch out – the cannon ball can be addictive, since this unique kick of water fun in Oetztal really is hard to top.

Water cannon with safety equipment: canon ball safety

Interested in a bit of physics? When you are catapulted forwards during your cannonball water fun, considerable forces take effect on your body. In the water park in Oetztal fun is to the fore, which is why we have common-sense rules which you should pay attention to for your own safety. So, now it's time for you to get ready for your next adventure on the water in AREA 47.

How about after a catapult kick on the canon ball, enjoying an adrenalin kick on the Water Ramp?

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