Demonstrate your fearlessness at our slide park in Austria

You might want to start thinking up some excuses. You’re going to need them.

This is because the water slides in our AREA 47 slide park are not for the faint-hearted. We highly recommend that you save your big talk until after the freefall slide or ten-metre diving tower. Believe us, we’ve been there. But, of course, you can also opt for some less extreme attractions – our slide park in Austria has something for everyone. One of the highlights not to miss out on is our Cannonball attraction, exclusively available at our slide park in the heart of beautiful Austria. Learn more here.

Has anyone mentioned a ten-metre diving tower? We have! But, to be honest, even we think ten metres are quite high. This is why we’ve made sure our Water AREA water park in Tyrol, Austria has some options to start small and work your way up. We have towers at heights ranging from one to three and five metres. Since cliff diving pros won’t get much satisfaction even from a ten-metre jump, we have taken things up a notch with our 27-metre diving tower. This has already seen international legends and iconic figures of cliff diving like Orlando Duque. Even street trials pro rider Danny MacAskill has taken the leap. If you’re a professional cliff diver, or aspiring to be, hit us up to chat with our Water AREA guides before your training.

Safety always comes first! Mind the minimum age requirements and do not overestimate your skills.

The full range of our Water AREA attractions, use of our climbing tower, and all relevant equipment are included in the price. Experience all the highlights of our water park in Austria without limits. Prior registration is not required. If you have any questions, please talk to our water guides, who are ready to help you out at any time. Note also that there are different minimum age requirements for several attractions – no exceptions. To get your ticket, drop by our Water AREA box office.

Vertical is the new steep! A height of 22 metres and an angle of 70 degrees make our Freefall Slide the Streif, or downhill, of water slide racing. Are you game enough to go down one of the steepest freefall slides in Europe? Prepare for an insane water slide ride, exclusively available in our slide park in Tyrol, Austria, and experience acceleration of 3 G.
What this crazy twist slide lacks for in steepness it compensates for in height and length. Spin down this gigantic, twisting water slide and try and get a glimpse of the Ötztal Alps – the views from up there are stunning, though we doubt you’ll have enough time to actually enjoy them.
Our Kamikaze Slide doesn’t really look that daunting from the ground. But, be assured, it’s not named “Kamikaze” for no reason. Countless turns and freefall drops guarantee an action-packed ride and heaps of water fun.
Future slide pros best practice their first rides on our Kids Slide. This has been specifically designed and equipped with tall walls to ensure a super safe water sliding experience for beginners or young water lovers.

Cliffdiving action with David Colturi

Other activities you might be interested in

Completion of our Wake School equips you with the fundamentals required for quick progression on the board.


Experience the full force of water launching you across the lake like a circus acrobat before you dive into the water.



Blobbing works just like seesawing, but ends quite differently. A gigantic air cussion on the water, a jumper and bit of physics let you fly through the air. Blobbing is so unique, it has to be on your bucket list.