Crazy for wakeboarding



  • No advance registration required
  • All highlights in the Water AREA are included in the price – with no restrictions
  • There are different age restrictions for various activities (recommended age: 12+)
  • There is no area designated for non-swimmers and no infants' area
  • Equipment for activities is provided free of charge (neoprene suits, helmets, life-jackets, wakeboards etc.)
  • Tickets: Day ticket, Sunset Ticket (from 4.00 pm), family ticket, season tickets
  • Tickets are sold directly at the Water AREA cash desk
  • Climbing Wall is included in the price

The Little Bro Wakeboard facilities are just the ticket if you will be wakeboarding for the first time. You're the only rider on the cable and your speed is regulated – to a maximum of 30 kilometres an hour. The optimum conditions for giving water sports activities a go, or to improve your skills. Try your first Bunny Hops, Flips and Grabs on the swimming lake in the middle of the OEtztaler Alps and get real sensations and the skills to explore the Wake AREA later on!

Learn to wakeboard in AREA 47

Water-skiing is your excitement and would you like to give wave riding a go? Wakeboarding combines the best features of both these water sports. When you feel safe on the board, in the Wake AREA you can get that real feeling of riding the waves with a kicker. The Little Bro Wakeboard facility gets you fit for the bigger wakeboard lake in AREA 47. Wakeboards, helmets and life-jackets are available free of charge in the WATER AREA. And all this fun is already included in the price for the Water AREA.

Did you enjoy wakeboarding? Then you definitely ought to give the new 420 metre Wakeboard Lift in the Wake AREA a go!


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