Wakeboarding for beginners in Tyrol

At the Rookie Wakeboard Cable, masters are made, not born.

Surfing in the Alps? Our excellent cable park makes it possible. Grab the handle and follow the pull of the cable to smoothly glide over the lake’s surface. Feel the board underneath your feet and the adrenaline rush through your veins. Beginners are also welcome at the AREA 47 cable wake park. We have special facilities catering to wakeboarding for beginners in Tyrol. Our Rookie Wake Cable has been specifically designed for first timers. The beginners’ area is separate from our Wake AREA, so you can practice at the cable one by one. The speed by which you get pulled by the cable during this wakeboarding experience for beginners will be adjusted to your level, ensuring that you get the most of your practice.

The Rookie Wake Cable with two pylons is the ideal place for beginners to get a taste of this wild and fun sport. Get a feel for the right posture, how to hold on to the bar, and even how to master a start from the dock. If you visit our Water AREA, use of the Rookie Wake Cable is already included in the price. Let us know if you feel ready for some more intense wakeboarding action, and we’ll be glad to invite you over into our Wake AREA where our 420-metre main cable park awaits.


Five slides and several cliff diving platforms at different heights combine excellent water fun with adrenaline-fuelled adventure that forces you to face gravity.


Experience the full force of water launching you across the lake like a circus acrobat before you dive into the water.



Blobbing works just like seesawing, but ends quite differently. A gigantic air cussion on the water, a jumper and bit of physics let you fly through the air. Blobbing is so unique, it has to be on your bucket list.