Splash Track. Ninja Warrior course in Austria

Water action for all those who are too old for the bouncy castle.

Have you ever caught yourself enviously glancing from the poolside to the kids jumping on the inflatable water bounce house, regretting that you’re too grown-up to join in? We have good news for you: we used to feel the same way.

This is why we’ve taken the concept of an inflatable water bounce house and have, well, inflated it, stretched it, equipped it with challenges, and turned it into a kind of Ninja Warrior course combined with a racetrack. The result is a 50-metre-long inflatable water park with two tracks allowing you to engage in a merciless race with your friends.

Get ready to use all your physical strength. Balance across round bars and tubes. Jump, climb, or slide over obstacles. Make your way hand over hand over the water and show the world you’re not just showing off these biceps. While you’re slipping through barriers like an eel, leaning into steep turns, while simultaneously struggling not to lose sight of your competitors, the biggest challenge of all is not falling into the water. (Spoiler alert: you don’t stand a chance!)

For all the kids out there reading this: no worries! You’re also welcome on our Splash Track, provided you’re six years of age or older and not afraid of water. The Splash Track Ninja Warrior course is accessible free of charge to all ticket holders at our Water AREA. Entry to the Splash Track is also free with many other adrenalin-fuelled highlights of AREA 47 in Tyrol, Austria.


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