Canyoning in the Ötztal, Tyrol

Get the thrill of your life with this spectacular canyon experience.

Canyoning in the Ötztal, Tyrol combines all the things we love and ordinary people fear: exhilarating heights, water, untamed nature, and pure adrenaline. In the Ötztal in Tyrol, canyoning is especially thrilling, with the Alps providing a dramatic backdrop and mesmerising scenery.

Dive into a world you have never experienced before; venture into territory that is as scary as it is fascinating; climb down ropes taking you 40 metres deep into rocky canyons; jump down cliffs into roaring waters; and slide down the smoothest chutes you have ever seen. Beat the canyon, before the canyon beats you!

No worries: you won’t be alone. We provide you with the best canyon guides far and wide. They are ready to make your canyoning experience in the Ötztal, Tyrol a memorable yet safe adventure. A wetsuit, helmet, climbing harness, shoes and everything else you need for canyoning in the Ötztal, Tyrol is included in the price. All you need to bring is freedom of vertigo, sure-footedness, and, depending on the tour you intend to go on, some abseiling experience. What are you waiting for? Canyoning in the Ötztal in Tyrol is also ideally suited for incentives, team building events, and school excursions.

Have you fallen in love with canyoning in Tyrol and discovered a passion for abseiling? Try our exclusive Ötztal caving experience! If you would rather bask in the sun and get some more water action, you can slide, jump, and even fly across our Water AREA. Entry to our splashy water park is already included in the tour price!

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This spectacular three- to four-hour tour is the ideal canyoning trip for beginners, allowing you to explore the Tyrolean mountains from a unique point of view. Rope down waterfalls, slide down slick, natural chutes, and jump down cliffs several metres high.

Minimum age: 14 years

This advanced tour is available only to those with prior canyoning and abseiling experiences and it requires you to push past your limits. Explore rugged cliffs, wild rivers, steep rock faces, and more of the many highlights the Ötztal has to offer. Turn the water at the bottom of the cliffs into your own swimming pool and the waterfalls into your diving platform. This tour takes between three to four hours, including transfer.

Minimum age: 16 years

This tour is reserved for the canyoning elite. The most legendary 40-metre abseiling sections of the Ötztal and the adrenaline surge of your life make this trip a special treat for all those seeking a spine-tingling canyoning adventure. The three- to four-hour trip is only for advanced levels.

Minimum age: 16 years

Young adventurers explore wild nature and experience canyoning in the beautiful Rosengartenschlucht. After their tour, they can enjoy free water action in our splashy Water AREA, where crazy slides, diving platforms, and other attractions await.

Minimum age: 10 years

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We recommend you to book your canyoning tour in time. Especially the weekends and summer days in July and August are very popular and quickly booked up. The sooner you book, the better.

Yes, to participate in advanced tours, you absolutely need experience. This means that you should have already completed a beginner's tour or already have experience in this sport. This is for your safety and must be confirmed on site.

In the case of a cancellation at short notice, we must adhere to our terms and conditions and therefore also charge cancellation fees. If there are still enough starting places available, an additional booking is quite feasible.

There are different age restrictions per activity. Here you can find an overview of the age restrictions for each activity. The minimum age is a legal regulation that we must comply with. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions here.

Better not! Personal belongings usually just fall out of the pockets and get broken. Just stow it in our lockers in the Climbing Base or the Outdoor Base. Important medicines can of course be taken along. Please inform your guide about this.

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