Wakeboarding in Austria

It’s like snowboarding in summer, only better. So, wake up and go waking!

The only requirement is to have fun and get creative! Let’s get shredding on a wicked 420-metre cable in this state-of-the-art Rixen five-pillar cable park at one of the sickest locations north of the equator. Crazy obstacles by Shape get your mouth watering. You can’t wait to perform groovy stunts where the pros train, then jump on your board and feel the pull. Ride the waters of our 20,000 square metre lake exclusively reserved for ultimate wake action. Since 2017, this is also where the legends of the wake scene show off their skills and pull off daring jumps, board slides, and stylish board grabs on the cable at the annual Tyrolean Wakeboard Masters championships. Drop by and be part of the action!

Six handles and an overhead cable of 420 metres reduce wait times to a minimum, allowing you to get to most of your wakeboard practice in the Ötztal. The high-end lift with a height of 10.5 metres ensures maximum wake fun. Wakeboarding at the AREA 47 outdoor and adventure park in Austria lets you carve, jump, and pull tricks. A small island carefully installed as a wave-breaker and filter in the middle of our wakeboarding lake guarantees that you can ride the cleanest, calmest water possible.

Wake newbies are also welcome at our Wake AREA. While the sport is easy to learn, it may be hard to master. At Wake AREA, you can learn the fundamentals and practice your first rides without pressure, just with the support of the best wakeboarders. Take advantage of it!

AREA 47 wouldn’t be the greatest outdoor adventure park in the northern hemisphere if we didn’t have some extra tricks up our sleeves. We equip you with a helmet and lifewest to get the most of wakeboarding in Austria for free during your visit. Brand-new boards are available to rent in our Wake AREA. Book all our tickets online!

<strong>The cable runs slower for the first 2 hours a day for beginners, then at full speed.</strong>

Are you a dog lover?  You are welcome to bring your four-legged friend to the Wake AREA – just make sure to not let him into the water.

Obstacles at Wake AREA

This is what your playground looks like.

Wake AREA Set Up


A: Start

B: Exit

1: Kicker asymetric – left

2: Kicker asymetric – right

3: Funbox with A-Frame

4: Rainbow Box

5: Slider straight 16m

6: Wedge with Steel rail

7: Dominik Hernler signature Obstacle

Explore our Wake AREA

Chill, ride, and enjoy the ultimate water adventure.

Wake School

Are you new to the wake scene? Our Wake School equips you with the foundation you need to make quick progress and teaches you everything from how to start on the dock to how to exit the cable. Book now and explore wakeboarding.

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Minimum age: 10 years
Wakeboarding classes for beginners

Exclusive cable rental

As maid of honour or your friends’ best man, you are responsible for putting together the coolest hen night or stag party ever? Are you searching for options to excite your team with a crazy staff outing? Even if you’re just looking for some shredding action with your bros or want to explore new adventures with your girl squad, we have the ideal activity for you. Take advantage of our exclusive cable rental and enjoy our 420-metre cable park for one or two hours in the morning before official operation starts. Renting our cable park for a whole group is even cheaper than regular use. What are you waiting for? Reserve your exclusive spot in the Wake AREA online.

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Wakeboarding with friends and family

Wake Café

At our Wake Café, you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, recharge your energies in the sun, taste a delicious range of snacks, or simply drink a toast to a wicked wake session. You don’t have to be a wakeboarder to drop by – we are open to the public, so don’t be shy! We have cocktails, cold beer, plenty of sunshine, and impressive views of the Ötztal Alps for everyone. Find your perfect sunbathing spot or cool off in the shade to relax, and simply enjoy life.

café in a unique location

Rental gear

We have all the gear you need for the sport to rent: boards, water skis, and more are available in top condition at competitive rental prices. Helmets and swim vests are provided for free. Book your visit and equipment online (Online Booking) now and secure yourself a spot in the coolest area yet. We also have an on-site shop, where you can acquire top-notch equipment and stylish accessories.

Rental equipment: Wakeboarding at AREA 47

Any questions?

Since we only have limited capacities, we recommend you to book your Wake AREA ticket online in advance. If we still have enough places available, you can spontaneously buy a ticket directly at the Wake AREA Shop. Courses and camps like Wake School Basic have to be booked in advance.

In the case of a cancellation at short notice, we must adhere to our terms and conditions and therefore also charge cancellation fees. If there are still enough starting places available, an additional booking is quite feasible.

Yes, our activities take place in any weather, unless it is dangerous for safety (such as thunderstorms).  In safety-threatening situations, the Wake AREA will be evacuated. In case of rain the Wake AREA is open as usual, because you will get wet anyway.

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