River Haus Bar & Grill – the event location in the Ötztal

We don’t care what time it is, it’s too early to go home anyway.

If you think we can’t top this, we’ll give you more. If you think there’s nothing more to see, get ready for what we’re going to show you next. Our River Haus Bar & Grill is the bar and event location in the Ötztal and, by the way, one of the best locations in all of Tyrol, in the whole of Austria, if not the entire world to celebrate a success, to go wild, or to simply party. You can party with us like we’re the first people ever to party. This is an indescribable experience. Legendary, awesome, and fantastic don’t even come close to describing the party you’ll experience here at the AREA 47 adventure park.

Make some noise with up to 400 of you closest party pals. Cool drinks, original cocktails, unique beers, and Red Bull specials will keep you going all night long. The hottest DJs will get you moving and raise your heartbeat to match the rhythm. Our River Haus Bar & Grill is more than just a bar in the Ötztal. It’s your gateway to another dimension. It’s your gateway to a party world whose main focus is to celebrate.

Whether you’ve just gotten back from your AREA 47 adventure and want to round off your trip with a perfect night out, or just happen to be in the Ötztal, come on by and celebrate with your friends – you won’t regret it!

You must be 18 years and over to enter! On Friday and Saturday between 10 and 12 pm, ladies enjoy a free welcome drink.

Events & Party

Countless beats per minute will get your endorphin levels soaring. The turntables never stop. The floor underneath your feet will be shaking. You will party like it’s your last night on earth. And this is only the beginning! Prepare for some serious partying in the Ötztal. Visit our event calendar to find out when the next party in the Ötztal, Tyrol takes place – don’t miss out.