Rafting in the Ötztal, Tyrol

Keep your chin up, even if the water swamps your boat.

Rafting in the Ötztal, Tyrol challenges you to fight primal forces and conquer your own fears. The wild rapids of the roaring river know no mercy. Out here, the laws of Mother Nature are all that counts. Crazy swirls, currents, drops, and waves work together to achieve one goal: to flip your raft. Time to face reality: this isn’t a game. Are you ready for real adventure?

Before venturing into this ultimate trial of nature, you will be given an introduction on white-water rafting, safety, and use of equipment by the most renowned raft guides in all of Tyrol and Austria. We will train you to become king and queen of the river, and knock the fear of water out of you. Because this much is certain: you will get wet. Since you’ll be wearing a wetsuit, this won’t be a problem. A skill that’s definitely going to be handy though is knowing how to jump ship. We’re ready to teach you how to take a fall, in the literal sense of the word, and also how best to avoid getting swept away by the rapids during your rafting experience in the Ötztal, Tyrol.

Once you have participated in our safety talk, we’ll send you out on the river to fight rapid waters and protect your boat from flipping. As this requires quite some strength and coordination with your team, rafting in the Ötztal, Tyrol is the ideal team building event. It is suited for incentives, corporate groups, school excursions, and workshops of all kinds.

Some more regulated water action can be experienced in our splashy Water AREA. Entry to this water park focused on fun and excitement is already included in your tour price!

White-water trips

We offer river rafting for all levels.


The Imster Gorge rafting experience in the Oetztal in Tyrol is a great introductory white-water trip. It has a level three difficulty rating, meaning it’s suitable for beginners. The unique course of the river, however, excites rafters of all levels. Including some excellent waves and drops that guarantee bursts of laughter in the boat and plenty of adrenaline, rafting in the Imster Gorge delivers a mix between great natural scenery and excellent white-water and is ideal for corporate, club, school, and family trips.

Minimum age: 14 years

This is what awesome feels like! This rafting experience isn’t for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. This rafting run in the Oetztal in Tyrol can certainly be categorised as one of the more difficult white-water experiences to be mastered here in the region, as it has several stretches with a level 4+ difficulty level rating. The half-day tour follows the European championships route that passes the thundering highlights of the Oetzschwälle, Waldschlucht, and Sautener Schwall, as well as many more. This trip offers an incredible escape from the rigours of daily life and is available only for experienced rafters.

Minimum age: 16 years

The Imster Schlucht is also home to some especially challenging sections with swirling eddies, standing waves, and rippling white-water. This run promises unsurpassed rafting value for rafting pros, which is why we have chosen this as the site for our Power Rafting trip. Prepare for a wild bull ride guaranteed to soak and thrill you from head to toe, and hold on to your boat if you want to earn yourself the title of rafting hero or heroine of Austria.

Minimum age: 16 years

Practice makes perfect – our Kids Rafting trip in Tyrol, Austria gives children between 6 and 13 the chance to experience their first great white-water adventure. This white-water trip for kids combines rafting a safe stretch of the Inn river with fun games. It introduces beginners to white-water rafting and provides excitement that quenches the kids’ thirst for exploration. Even more adventure is waiting for them in our splashy Water AREA, the entry to which is free on the day of their trip.

Minimum age: 6 years

Any questions?

We recommend you to book your rafting tour in time. Especially the weekends and summer days in July and August are very popular and quickly booked up. The sooner you book, the better.

Yes, to participate in advanced tours, you absolutely need experience. This means that you should have already completed a beginner's tour or already have experience in this sport. This is for your safety and must be confirmed on site.

In the case of a cancellation at short notice, we must adhere to our terms and conditions and therefore also charge cancellation fees. If there are still enough starting places available, an additional booking is quite feasible.

There are different age restrictions per activity. Here you can find an overview of the age restrictions for each activity. The minimum age is a legal regulation that we must comply with. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions here.

Better not! Personal belongings usually just fall out of the pockets and get broken. Just stow it in our lockers in the Climbing Base or the Outdoor Base. Important medicines can of course be taken along. Please inform your guide about this.

No, for all rafting, canyoning and caving tours you only need bathing suits and a towel. The shoes are included in the special equipment.

Maybe you can find the right answer in our general FAQ's.