School trips and school sports weeks in Tyrol, Austria

After an AREA 47 experience, there are no more cliques, only heroes and heroines.

This school trip is not just for students, it’s also heaps of fun and action for teachers. The AREA 47 school class offers make your hair stand on end and your heart rate soar. We turn lone wolves into team players and geeks into fearless adventurers. We turn students into heroes and heroines – with our unique combination of nature action and sporty challenges that pack quite a punch. Dive into roaring waters, fight a merciless mass of water with only a paddle. Engage rival rafts or rope down into the deep nothingness of a canyon. The AREA 47 experiences teach you and your class that team work is essential. Experience what fighting side by side actually feels like. Push your limits and those of your friends and colleagues climbing Austria’s highest high ropes course at giddy heights of up to 27 metres. Despite all the action, you will be in safe hands throughout – expert coaching by real professionals and top athletes included. Here, you experience uncompromising life lessons instead of dry runs. If this is your idea of learning for life, get in touch and together with your class jump into an adventure none of you will ever forget.

Leave your comfort zone behind and experience the greatest adventure you’ve experienced so far.

Let’s rumble!

Trips for hardcore adventurers

Are you game for real adventure, far away from your phone or computer screen? Need a challenge to get your endorphin levels up and feel alive? Buckle up for our adrenaline-fuelled mountain bike trips, action-packed climbing sessions in front of the scenic backdrop of the Alps, and exquisite wake action as well as extreme sports such as rafting and canyoning, guaranteed to soak and thrill you from head to toe.

  • Day trip to AREA 47
  • Activity of your choice
  • Hint: with many activities we give you the Water AREA on the tour day for free
  • Hot lunch or packed lunch on request

up from € 185,00 per person

up from € 316,00 per person

Upon request, you can have your school class's stay customised according to your wishes and needs.


The Imster Gorge rafting experience in the Oetztal in Tyrol is a great introductory white-water trip. It has a level three difficulty rating, meaning it’s suitable for beginners. The unique course of the river, however, excites rafters of all levels. Including some excellent waves and drops that guarantee bursts of laughter in the boat and plenty of adrenaline, rafting in the Imster Gorge delivers a mix between great natural scenery and excellent white-water and is ideal for corporate, club, school, and family trips.

Minimum age: 14 years

This spectacular three- to four-hour tour is the ideal canyoning trip for beginners, allowing you to explore the Tyrolean mountains from a unique point of view. Rope down waterfalls, slide down slick, natural chutes, and jump down cliffs several metres high.

Minimum age: 14 years

Young adventurers explore wild nature and experience canyoning in the beautiful Rosengartenschlucht. After their tour, they can enjoy free water action in our splashy Water AREA, where crazy slides, diving platforms, and other attractions await.

Minimum age: 10 years

If you are one of these people who think life is like walking on a tightrope, we’ll show you what it really means to lose your balance. At giddy heights of up to 27 metres, we’ll dare you to master one challenge after another, with just six inches keeping you from a plunge. Good luck!

Minimum age: 12 years

This experience is similar to climbing, but upside down. Explore the world from above enjoying a 27-metre plunge or flying like a bird 400 metres across our Water AREA. Don’t wait too long for your big leap, or you’ll probably change your mind. Just do it!

Minimum age: 12 years

This all-terrain mountain bike trip to Lake Piburg in Tyrol gives you a unique opportunity to experience the variety of mountain biking in Tyrol first hand. Experience your first downhill ride on one of our easier single tracks suited for all levels. Improve your riding technique and gain the fundamentals for quick progress. Our experienced and licenses AREA 47 Bike Academy guides ensure the best biking experience in the Ötztal mountains. Also included in our mountain bike tours in Tyrol are our quality Trek bikes, a complete set of safety gear, and support from our certified mountain bike guides.

Minimum age: 0 years

Are you looking for real mountain bike action and an adventure in the Ötztal mountains that’s worth every penny? Join us on our electric-powered Valley Loop mountain bike trip in the dazzling nature of the Ötztal and explore Tyrol from the perspective of your e-mountain bike. Pass by Tyrol’s tallest waterfall and enjoy the most scenic spots in the region. Our experienced guides provide professional coaching that equips you with all the essentials you need for a premium e-mountain bike experience in Tyrol.

Minimum age: 14 years