Bungy jumping in Tyrol

You. A rope. A 94 meters high bridge. Any questions?

Most people loose their heart when they look down the first time. But you're not like them. You're a hero. You take a step forward. The world is shaking around you. A last breath is filling your lungs with air. Then there's the commando:

3-2-1 - Bungy!

Free fall for a couple of seconds. You accelerate faster than a sports car. And then you almost hit the ground, before you get pulled back. You're screaming and crying at the same time while endorphins and adrenaline are flooding your brain.

With AREA 47 bungy jumping in tyrol isn't just breathtaking, it's also safe. Bungy jumping is an extreme sport but should never be of any risk. This is why our operation is certified by the Technical Control Board, our ropes have the latest overexpansion protection and our team is highly experienced just so you can fall in good conscience into one of Europes most beautiful gorges.

Depending on your experience you can do a classic dive (head first), a back flip or ajump with your feet first secured with a chest harness.

All necessary equipment will be provided by us. Please bring appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing. Note also that your pockets need to be empty!

You need to be in a good physical condition. You can not jump if you suffer from epilepsy, heart problems, high blood pressure, a disorder of the human locomotor system, high eye pressure, ear disorders in combination with balance disorders, if you're pregnant or had an eye surgery shortly before.

You must be at least fourteen years old and you need a signed Code of Conduct by your legal guardian if you're under 18. The maximum weight is 110 kilograms, minimum weight is 45 kilograms.

To be clear: if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medications or other substances that restrict your judgement we can not let you jump.

The meeting point is about 10 minutes prior to your booked trip at the Benni-Raich bridge at Pitztal. For Registration, training and the actual jump it takes about 30 to 45 minutes. The jump itself takes about 5 minutes.

This activity is available rain or shine. But if the weather is actually dangerous, an alternate date will be given.

3 - 2 - 1 - BUNGY!

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