High rope course in Tyrol

Don’t allow the ground to fall out from underneath your feet.

138 elements like wobbling tree trunks, ropes at giddy heights, an oversize bike and challenge after challenge to master. Whenever you think you’re done, another obstacle will pop up in front of you. Only after a challenging and fun hour and a half will you be brought down to earth again! If you want to kiss the ground, please be our guest – we don’t actually mind having solid ground under our feet either. Overcome your fears and leap into this unique climbing experience in our high ropes course in Tyrol now. Our state-of-the-art safety equipment and qualified guides ensure you’re always in safe hands.

We aren’t going to make things easy for you on those tree trunks at 27 meters. Our high ropes course, situated between two ginormous bridge pillars in Tyrol, Austria, is far removed from your comfort zone. It was designed for unsurpassed action in the air by real outdoor experts. It was put to the acid test and improved until there wasn’t anything left to improve. With dangling tree trunks, loose platforms, an airy skateboard, and many more crazy obstacles, this course is guaranteed to make your high ropes course experience in the Ötztal, Tyrol a serious adventure, and to bring even the toughest guys and gals to their knees.

Most likely the biggest bike (yes, you're right, you're balancing over a gigantic bike in 27 meters), swinging tree trunks und platforms, a flying skateboard & wakeboard and many more crazy obstacles will make your experience unique and unforgettable.

If you feel overcome by your fears and don’t know how to continue this tour, you can exit at any time. Several points along the course allow you to interrupt your journey or to skirt around individual obstacles, and to simply get back on track when you’re ready. The towering mountains and roaring waters surrounding your experience will provide plenty of motivation to keep you going, as will our professional guides, always ready to help you out and bring you back down safely with their experience and expertise.

This all-inclusive adventure provides you with instructions and all the equipment you need for an impeccable experience above the ground. Even your entry into our exclusive Water AREA is already included in the price. Book your experience with us online now to secure this deluxe climbing adventure at the ultimate high ropes course in Tyrol. To get all the action you crave, you can top off your adventure with our Mega Swing attraction, second to none for its adrenaline-fuelled freefall experience. Are you in?

This tour takes max. one and a half hours and is accompanied by our professional, certified guides, who also provide you with an introduction to the sport and safety instructions.

All equipment required for our high ropes course in Tyrol is already included in the price and provided by us. For the little snack in between, you'll get an energy boost from our partner CLIF Bar. Please bring appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing. Note also that your pockets need to be empty! Phones, keys, and the like should be safely stored away in our lockers at the Climbing Base.

You must be at least twelve years old and 1.20 metres tall to participate in our high ropes course in Tyrol. The maximum weight is 120 kilograms. Other requirements include a head for heights, sure-footedness, and a good physical condition.

Helmet, harness, and everything else you need for this experience, as well as exclusive entry to our splashy Water AREA on the day of your visit are already included in the price.

This activity is available rain or shine. The high ropes course runs below a bridge, which is why you’re not going to be bothered by rain. But if the weather is actually dangerous, an alternate date will be given.

There are 138 different elements in the 30 sections of the high ropes course. Here is an overview:

The Bike (probably the biggest bike in the Ötztal) + Flying Wakeboard & Skateboard (glide through the air in 27 meters on the boards) + Fyling Disc + Tarzan Walk + Trembling Beam + Tree Walk + Suspension Bridge + Boulder + Tuning Fork + Hanging Trees + Deep Buckets + Tree Cross + Tree Line + Charlie Chaplin + Flipping Boards + Balance Beam + Rope Buckets + Tree Jump + Tree Hugger + Forrest Mix + Rope Net + Monkey Swing +

In the high-tech safety system you are always secured and have the possibility to bypass and skip obstacles. Shortcuts and the possibility to unclip in the harness are also always given.

Join us on our tour

Take the package!

1. Package
2. Unterkunft
3. Inkludierte Touren
Action triple pack
Preis ab 349.00€ pro Person

Gravity that pulls you down and lots of water in your face makes you think: WTF? This package will get your heart rate beating with canyoning, rafting, high ropes course, crazy water park action and overnight stays in the natural reserve area.

Im Package inkludiert
  • 2 over night stays in your selected category in the middle of the nature reserve
  • including breakfast & daily admission to Water AREA
  • Rafting Imster Gorge
  • Canyoning College
  • High Ropes Course
adventure trip in Austria
adventure trip in Austria
Action triple pack
Hier erfährst du mehr zu unseren Unterkünften im Action triple pack.
adventure trip in Austria
  • Breakfast is included in the price.
  • The entry to the Water AREA is included during your whole stay.
  • All our activities can be used before and after Check in or Check out.
Action triple pack
Hier erfährst du mehr zu den im Action triple pack inkludierten Touren.
adventure trip in Austria

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