Explore variety at our restaurants in the Ötztal

Simply delicious: our restaurant on the lakeside.

For all those who already have the appetite to eat a horse first thing in the morning, we offer a colourful and delicious breakfast buffet that will fill you up and get you fuelled up. Everyone’s idea of the perfect breakfast is different. No matter what you like to eat to get your day off to a good start, you’re sure to find your favourites on our buffet. Enjoy a strong start into your day of adventure and refuel for the challenges that await you at the AREA 47 adventure park.

If you have time for a break between all the abseiling or cable action, between fighting waves or clearing single tracks on your mountain bike, you can enjoy a pick-me-up at our day restaurant, open from 11 am. We have plenty of options to stimulate your taste buds and tide you over until dinner. We have scrumptious burgers, delicious pasta dishes, crisp salads, Italian brick-oven-baked pizza, and more. For even more flavour, you can top off your pizza or pasta with our home-made herbal oils. These contain nothing but pure, fresh flavour coming from the herbs grown in our own herb garden. Don’t miss out on our vegetarian options! Our red beet patty is the alternative to a beef burger and tastes simply delicious. For dessert, we serve traditional sheet cakes made from eggs organically produced in the nearby village of Haiming.

Enjoy a special dining experience at sundown, when the sun disappears behind the towering mountain peaks and transforms them into red hued tips. The lake glistens with the last sun rays of the day. The scenery is almost cheesy, but makes for a perfect ambience at our Lakeside Restaurant in the Ötztal. The restaurant also has a cosy bar, where you can relax, enjoy a beer, and gaze at the mesmerising night sky above the lake. We are open until 10 pm, providing you the perfect ambience for when you’re in for a chill night rather than wild party. It’s also a great alternative for when our River Haus Bar & Grill is closed. Try out our exclusive selection of slow brewed beers from the Stiegl private brewery and discover some rare beer specialities. Or why not treat yourself to the ORGANICS refreshments by Red Bull, without any artificial flavours.

All this and more can be enjoyed in the coolest restaurant north of the equator. The superb location of our restaurant in the Ötztal, right at the lake of the Water AREA provides excellent views of the lake. From here, you can watch all the thrill-seekers perform insane tricks in the air and revel in the most daring activities. We are open for adventurers and anyone who is simply hungry from May to October and we can accommodate up to 400 rumbling stomachs. Even if you’re just on your way through the region, our restaurant in the Ötztal is always worth a stop. The excellent cuisine served here can be enjoyed by everyone, even if you don’t book any of our AREA 47 activities. Just drop by and treat yourself and your palate!

Breakfast is served Monday through Friday from 7.30 am until 10.00 am and on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am until 10.00 am. From 11.30 am onwards, we offer a vast selection of hearty dishes à la carte in our restaurant in the Ötztal, including a splendid ambience with views of the lake. Food is served until 9 pm; our bar is open until 10 pm. To enjoy more drinks and hot beats, head over to our River Haus Bar & Grill, where you can celebrate deep into the night.

Even if you don’t take part in any of our AREA 47 activities and adventures, you are welcome to join us! Our restaurant in the Ötztal is a terrific meeting point.

To round off your day of adventure at the AREA 47 outdoor park in proper style, you should visit our River Haus Bar & Grill. Enjoy a sparkling cocktail or taste one of our rare beer specialities straight from the tap.

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Activities which make you hungry

Blobbing works just like seesawing, but ends quite differently. A gigantic air cussion on the water, a jumper and bit of physics let you fly through the air. Blobbing is so unique, it has to be on your bucket list.


Completion of our Wake School equips you with the fundamentals required for quick progression on the board.


Do you feel the need for heights and speed? 17 metres in height. 50 kilometres per hour fast. This is our Water Ramp adventure – a dream come true for all seekers of unsurpassed water action. Do you dare?


You long for a break in the mountains? Our e-bike trips in Tyrol are a great opportunity to get in the saddle of one of our high-end e-bikes and enjoy the airstream cooling your sweaty skin as you speed down the mountain. With the electric support of our new generation e-bike fleet, you can take on this trip with ease. Our licensed mountain bike guides provide you with interesting insights into the art of e-bike trekking.


Five slides and several cliff diving platforms at different heights combine excellent water fun with adrenaline-fuelled adventure that forces you to face gravity.


This is what awesome feels like! This rafting experience isn’t for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. This rafting run in the Oetztal in Tyrol can certainly be categorised as one of the more difficult white-water experiences to be mastered here in the region, as it has several stretches with a level 4+ difficulty level rating. The half-day tour follows the European championships route that passes the thundering highlights of the Oetzschwälle, Waldschlucht, and Sautener Schwall, as well as many more. This trip offers an incredible escape from the rigours of daily life and is available only for experienced rafters.