The Ötztal canyoning experience

Your heart rate has reached 200 beats per minute. This is the point of no return.

Once you emerge from the water, you’ll feel like a new man or a new woman! The water will have washed away any doubts – quite literally. Your screams will have transformed into laughter and there’ll be only one thought stuck in your head: the desire to do it all over again. To start all over again with this exquisite Ötztal canyoning experience of ear-piercing thunder, leaps from heights of 10 metres, narrow rock passages, slick ten-metre water channels, and spectacular, raging water chutes. Our Ötztal canyoning experience Lost Valley gives you a chance to conquer the Untere Auerklamm, one of the most famous canyoning spots in the valley. Along the way, you’ll master 800 metres of pure thrill, 205 metres in height, and up to eleven abseiling challenges. No worries: our experienced guides are prepared to help you push through. Do you have canyoning experience? If so, let’s go. Book your experience online with us now.

Allow between three to four hours for this tour including transfer. All equipment required, including helmet, wetsuit, and shoes, is provided by us. Please bring your own swimwear and toiletries, as well as a change of clothes. Showers, changing rooms, and lockers can be found at our Outdoor Base. For advanced canyoning adventurers only!

To participate in this Ötztal canyoning experience, you need to be 16 years or older and must not weigh more than 130 kilograms. Other requirements include sure-footedness, good swimming ability, a head for heights, and a good physical condition. This tour also requires canyoning experience.

The price for this tour includes the transfer to and from the canyon, all gear required for the trip (including footwear), as well as exclusive entry into our splashy Water AREA on the day of your visit.

This tour runs rain or shine. You’re going to get wet anyway! But if the weather is actually dangerous, an alternate date will be given.

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This tour is reserved for the canyoning elite. The most legendary 40-metre abseiling sections of the Ötztal and the adrenaline surge of your life make this trip a special treat for all those seeking a spine-tingling canyoning adventure. The three- to four-hour trip is only for advanced levels.


This is what awesome feels like! This rafting experience isn’t for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. This rafting run in the Oetztal in Tyrol can certainly be categorised as one of the more difficult white-water experiences to be mastered here in the region, as it has several stretches with a level 4+ difficulty level rating. The half-day tour follows the European championships route that passes the thundering highlights of the Oetzschwälle, Waldschlucht, and Sautener Schwall, as well as many more. This trip offers an incredible escape from the rigours of daily life and is available only for experienced rafters.


Are you looking for real mountain bike action and an adventure in the Ötztal mountains that’s worth every penny? Join us on our electric-powered Valley Loop mountain bike trip in the dazzling nature of the Ötztal and explore Tyrol from the perspective of your e-mountain bike. Pass by Tyrol’s tallest waterfall and enjoy the most scenic spots in the region. Our experienced guides provide professional coaching that equips you with all the essentials you need for a premium e-mountain bike experience in Tyrol.


This experience is similar to climbing, but upside down. Explore the world from above enjoying a 27-metre plunge or flying like a bird 400 metres across our Water AREA. Don’t wait too long for your big leap, or you’ll probably change your mind. Just do it!


If you are one of these people who think life is like walking on a tightrope, we’ll show you what it really means to lose your balance. At giddy heights of up to 27 metres, we’ll dare you to master one challenge after another, with just six inches keeping you from a plunge. Good luck!


Jump on your wakeboard, catch the next handle bar, and surf across the lake waters. At the Wake AREA, your exclusive wakeboarding park in the Ötztal, Tyrol with top-notch Rixen five-pillar cableway, you can pull off wicked tricks and get big air in front of the scenic backdrop of the Alps.