Wakeboarding and water ski for groups

Rent the cable for you and your crew

As maid of honour or your friends’ best man, you are responsible for putting together the coolest hen night or stag party ever? Are you searching for options to excite your team with a crazy staff outing? Even if you’re just looking for some shredding action with your bros or want to explore new adventures with your girl squad, we have the ideal activity for you. Take advantage of our exclusive cable rental and enjoy our 420-metre cable park for one or two hours in the morning before official operation starts. Renting our cable park for a whole group is even cheaper than regular use. What are you waiting for?

The Wake AREA can be rented for one or two hours in the morning, before official operation starts.

The full equipment such as water ski, wakeboard, wetsuit, helmet and life vest will be provided by us.

Most important: Don't forget to bring your crew. Because no one can cheer you up if you're alone. On top of that, bring your swimming trunks, a towel and some flip flops.

With the right tunes in your ear, the turnes go (almost) all by themselves. Bring your own music and maximize your fun.

This might be of interest

Completion of our Wake School equips you with the fundamentals required for quick progression on the board.


This might be your chance to show how brave you are. Your blood is rushing through your veines, you’re breathing heavily when you’re standing at the platform staring down. From 94 meters, into the Arzler Pitzeklamm gorge, head first, backwards, feet first. Trust us: It’s the best feeling ever.


If you are one of these people who think life is like walking on a tightrope, we’ll show you what it really means to lose your balance. At giddy heights of up to 27 metres, we’ll dare you to master one challenge after another, with just six inches keeping you from a plunge. Good luck!