Cannonball: water catapult in Tyrol

Let the water flow, and prepare to be launched off into the lake.

To fire this cannon, we don’t use gunpowder, we use fresh mountain water from the Ötztal. The principle is simple: all you do is sit down on the hot seat and enjoy the feeling of your adrenaline level rising; suddenly a gigantic water jet shoots you into the air and you land safely in the lake. See what it’s like to be launched into the water like a cannonball and experience how addictive this can be!


In order for water to be able to fire a human being into the air like a bomb, it requires some compressed power. We provide you with a safety briefing so your body is protected from the force, and your cannonball flight becomes an unforgettable experience. Fancy some more launching water action? Then try blobbing or our Water Ramp. Just like the Cannonball attraction, blobbing and the Water Ramp are included in your entry to the Water AREA.

3 - 2 - 1 - let's go!

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Five slides and several cliff diving platforms at different heights combine excellent water fun with adrenaline-fuelled adventure that forces you to face gravity.


Blobbing works just like seesawing, but ends quite differently. A gigantic air cussion on the water, a jumper and bit of physics let you fly through the air. Blobbing is so unique, it has to be on your bucket list.


Completion of our Wake School equips you with the fundamentals required for quick progression on the board.