Wakeboarding in Austria

Catching waves in the mountains? Hell yeah!

Enjoy wakeboarding in Tyrol, Austria with a minimal wait time. Our top-notch cable park offers six handles that will pull you and your wakeboard through the pristine waters of our exclusive wakeboarding lake at high speed. A height of 10.5 metres ensures plenty of space for uninterrupted wake action and will let you pull off impressive tricks and jumps. The tip of your board is guaranteed to stay on top of the water, providing you with the best conditions for smooth riding fun. For an extra thrill, our park includes some excellent features such as kickers, sliders, and advanced obstacles by Shape. Buckle up and get your adrenaline flowing. If you feel more like gliding rather than flying across the waters, you can also just go around the more difficult obstacles provided by wakeboarding in Austria.

Wakeboarding is a cool mix of water skiing and surfing. It’s like snowboarding behind the cable. This trendy sport is alleged to have been invented in the 80s and the wake scene has been booming ever since. It’s now so established that several competitions take place worldwide to honour this fun sport. Are you new to the scene? Visit our Rookie Wake Cable at the water park and get inspired in our Wake Café with grand views of the wake park, where the Austrian wake community hangs.

Our Small Kicker with a height of one metre is ideal for learning and practising new tricks and to help you perform your very first jumps. The Asymmetric Kicker, on the other hand, gives you a greater variety for learning new tricks. Choose the edge you want to hit and pop off at different heights – the slanted kicker with a maximum height of 1.4 metres introduces lots of fun and variety to your practice.
Our simple yet always fun Ollie Box with rooftop ledge is a great feature for beginners to explore. This obstacle provides you endless possibilities. Due to its length, the Rainbow Popoff Box may seem like quite a challenge at first, yet it can be mastered quickly. The pop at the end of the feature is also perfect for letting you go into some crazy spins.
Our A-Frame Funbox by Shape combines both side walls and diagonal walls, ensuring that you won’t ever get bored. This feature is one of the absolute highlights of this year’s wake set-up. The wide range of tricks that can be pulled off on this obstacle make it one of the most versatile ones on the water.

Dominik Hernler Signature Obstacle: Rail – Kicker – Wall Kombo for transfers, Gaps and more! Get creative!

If you ever wanted to try out Wakeboarding – here’s your chance! And at our rookie wake cable at Water AREA it’s for free as well. You’re hooked up? No problem. Take a step up at the big cable at Wake AREA.


Completion of our Wake School equips you with the fundamentals required for quick progression on the board.


Blobbing, Cannonball und fünf abgefahrene Rutschen: Gönn dir Adrenalin in unserer Water AREA.