High rope course park for the daring among you




Price inclusive access to the Water AREA on the day of the tour!
€ 47,00
HIGH ROPE COURSE Teens from 12 - 15 years
Price inclusive access to the Water AREA on the day of the tour!
€ 39,00


  • All our tours are carried out by certified guides – without exception. These include a talk on safety & introduction
  • Height: 27 metres
  • Safety talk & Introduction
  • Pre-requisites: No fear of heights, surefootedness and good level of fitness
  • Minimum age: 12 years
    Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Bring with you: sturdy footwear, outdoor clothing which is suitable for the weather conditions
  • Lockers are available at the Climbing Base
  • All tours take place no matter what the weather is look, except when conditions compromise safety
  • Advance registration required
  • Various start times
  • Minimum number of participants per start time: 2 (individuals and smaller groups will be grouped together)

In what is probably the most exciting high ropes course in Austria you get to enjoy that super feeling which sets in when you conquer your limits! At a dizzying 27 metres up you proceed below the bridge which goes across the Oetztaler Ache. On swinging tree trunks, swaying platforms and across airy nets. On foot or even on a skateboard. Beneath you is the rushing wild water and the mountains are all around. Concentration and body tension are the order of the day here. Give it a go!

Your adventure in the high ropes course – here’s how it goes!

Designed by experts from the outdoor scene - the AREA 47 high rope course

The stations in the high rope course in Tyrol test your courage, endurance, concentration and belief. But should your courage leave you, it isn’t the end of the world. You can exit the course at certain points or just take a deep breath and give it another go. Enjoy the opportunity to break free from the daily grind and to push your limits! After around one and a half hours you will have succeeded in this adventure. But don’t worry – lots of other adventures await in AREA 47.

Special equipment for the high ropes course and the Water AREA included

Safety is a top priority in Austria’s number one leisure park. If you want to conquer the high rope course, you have to be at least twelve years old and be 1.20 metres in height. You should not weigh more than 120 kilos. Wear closed-toed shoes and comfortable sports clothing. Special equipment for the high ropes garden – lap and chest harnesses – are provided by us.
Important – register for a tour date in advance.
After you do that, you can use Water AREA, at no additional charge!

Even more fun on the Flying Fox & Mega Swing!

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