Beatz 'n BBQ

with Dj AneMone See!

For DJane AneMone See it takes only three words: disco-house, funky and "dance-leg activating". Because behind the DJ desk she is usually the person who dances the most and therefore motivates people.

AneMone See has organized music events herself, has been around a lot in clubs and was often disappointed and bored by the music that was played there. Therefore she decided to play music at events/clubs herself. What fascinates her is the fact that an event or club can be a place or time for people to get away from their everyday life for a few hours and have a good time. Furthermore, club culture and electronic music has simply become a part of our modern culture (the culture of every city). Djane is looking forward to having a good time with you with music that makes you feel good and motivates you to dance.
If she is not at the turntables, she would use the climbing/bouldering facilities and the high ropes course. She would definitely try out wakeboarding, just like canyoning.