Wakeboarding event in Tyrol

Tyrolean Wakeboard Masters

We're looking for the best wakeboarder at AREA 47. Are you ready to face your rival?

The qualification is a impression session with 6 riders per run. The finals will be on one-on-one. There's three categories to be judged at: Kicker, Feature and Airtrick.

You only want to come and have a look? No probs. Wake AREA will be open all day for visitors. All riders are looking forward to get cheered up by you. There's drinks and food  at the wake café.

9-9.30 am Registration Contest participants
9:30-11 am  Training Contest participants
11 am 60 min free yoga session (donation based)
11 am-2 pm   Public Riding
2.30-7.15 pm   Contest
7.30 pm       Price Giving
until 10 pm      After Contest Party @ Wake AREA
after 10 pm      After Contest Party @ River Haus Bar & Grill