Camps and accommodation in the Ötztal

We don’t know what heroes are made of. But we do know where they live.

Even more highlights await at the various accommodation options offered by the AREA 47 outdoor park in the Ötztal – only a stone’s throw from the adrenaline-packed AREA 47 adventures. When the sun disappears behind the towering mountain tops encircling the area, your room or lodge turn into a 100,000-star hotel. Get cosy, savour the mountain air, and enjoy a campfire atmosphere to round off your perfect outdoor adventure with us here in the Ötztal – #nofilterneeded.

Fuelled by adrenaline, our camps help you maximise learning and transform you from a wake noob into a real pro in no time. Take your mountain bike skills to the next level and make the outdoors your home. Together with a bunch of fun and friendly people, who will soon be your best friends, you get to learn from the pros of the scene. Your accommodation in the Ötztal is already included in the price, as is exclusive entry to our splashy Water AREA water park and memories of what may well be the most exciting time of your life.

We also host groups! Our incentives, teambuilding options, and offers tailored to schools do exactly what they are designed to do: they build teams, regardless of age, gender, or background. Experience extreme situations you will never forget, and master them as a team.