Professional coaching in the Wake School

Wakeboarding made easy


  • 1.5 hours intensive training at the rookie wake cable (2-tower-lift)
  • 2-hour-ticket for the Wake AREA including thorough briefing
  • Life vest, helmet, wetsuit and beginner's board are included.
  • Takes place daily from 9:30, total duration of about 4 hours
  • Prior registration required to [email protected] or by phone on 0043 5266 8 76 76

We offer those wanting to learn wakeboarding a fun and easy way to learn this sport step-by-step with the Wake School Basic. Our trained wakeboarding guides will show you the basics of wakeboarding at the rookie wake cable, our beginner's lift in the Water AREA. From the proper gear, how to start, the correct boarding and cornering technique all the way to stepping out, they will teach you everything you need to know.

After 1.5 hours of coaching at the small lift, it's then off to the big Wake AREA with a 20,000 m2 large lake and 5-tower-lift. Here, too, our coaches and trainers will help you and the lift will be running at a lower speed for one hour, so that you can better practice what you've learnt and fully concentrate on your first laps on the potentially new favourite sports equipment.
Life vests, helmet, beginner's board and wetsuit are of course included.


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